A Guide to Industrial Mat Safety for 2016

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Industrial safety mats are useful in any assembly line, welding area, production station, and other manufacturing areas. Workplace safety standards are critical, especially within industrial workplaces that have a significant amount of hazards. When working with heavy machinery and electronics, employees need to given the proper tools to protect themselves. Industrial safety matting solutions provide comfort and protection from chemicals, oil, grease and static electricity while reinforcing certain safety standards.

Our complete safety guide will prepare you for anything that may be thrown your way in 2016. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, 85% of worker’s compensation claims are related to slip accidents – this statistic is staggering and illustrates the importance of commercial matting solutions and mat safety measures in general. We outline different industrial safety mats and criteria that should be considered in order to avoid injury and litigation.

Criteria for Selecting the Right Industrial Safety Mat

1. What is the main objective you’re looking to accomplish?

Are you primarily looking for anti-fatigue, anti-static, or anti-microbial industrial mats? Are you looking to protect employees against fatigue and muscle soreness, static electricity, or other workplace hazards?

2. Do you need holes in the mat surface?

If employees are working in wet environments where water is present, it is advised to select an industrial safety mat with holes. The drainage holes allow stagnant water to leave the mat surface without causing a slip and fall accident.

3. How thick or heavy does the mat have to be?

Decide, based upon your manufacturing duties, how thick your mat needs to be in order to be effective. Additionally, do you desire a light-weight mat or heavy-weight mat?

4. Material Type

Do you want your mat to be rubber or carpet? What material is required to get the job done?

Industrial Safety Mats

HogHeaven Tile

HogHeaven Tile

The HogHeaven industrial mat keeps your employees safe and comfortable. The lightweight and flexible tiles can be combined or arranged to fit any workstation based on your preference. The tiles are also anti-static, providing your staff protection from static electricity when working around electronics or other machinery.

The available high-grit surface gives users the ultimate in gripping ability, furthermore, avoiding trip, slip, and fall accidents.

Happy Feet

Happy Feet

The Happy Feet industrial mat is durable, being constructed of dense, nirile rubber. The mat surface is oil and grease proof to decrease the chance of slip and fall accidents. Additionally, the anti-static capabilities of the mat safeguard workers from electrical charges making it a useful product in computer and other electrical manufacturing rooms. This mat was designed to last with the ability to resist curls and cracks. The cleated backing has superior griping ability, minimizing the amount of movement, furthermore, preventing accidents and unnecessary workers compensation lawsuits. Choose from different OSHA approved striped borders.

SuperScrape Sign

SuperScrape Sign

Promote safety measures with this customizable rubber mat. This mat offers users the durability and scraping ability of the SuperScrape brand along with safety messages. Oil, grease, and chemicals will not be a hazard with the mat’s resistant surface. These mats are ideal for use in industrial environments where worker safety is a priority and often threatened.

Need a new industrial safety mat? Contact one of our experts today for more information.

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