Anti-Fatigue Mats for Essential Workers: Super Comfort for Superheroes

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The number of Covid-19 cases may be dropping, but your employees are still on the front lines in the war on germs. Cashiers, healthcare workers, chefs, and so many other essential workers in Pennsylvania are on their feet all day. With so much uncertainty at in these times, the last thing they should have to worry about is fatigue and pain at work. Anti-fatigue mats are designed to alleviate these conditions in the most normal of times. But now, they are so much more— These mats are a comfort that makes their workday easier and more positive.

The Food Service Solution

The Food Service Solution

Seating might be limited right now, but chef’s and bartenders are still in full swing behind the scenes. Food is flying and drinks are splashing. Although delicious on the table, when these materials get under foot they pose a serious hazard.

Introducing the Comfort-Flow Mat, a commercial floor mat specifically designed for the food service industry.

As it’s name suggests, this floor mat does two things:

Comfort: This mat provides unparalleled support to food service employees on their feet for hours.

Flow: With it’s perforated design, anything that falls to the ground goes through the holes. This reduces the chance of slip-and-fall accident. The debris is then removed at the end of the shift simply by lifting the mat and cleaning the floor beneath.

There’s no better solution to kitchen and bar safety than this mat!

Mats with an Anti-Microbial Kick

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, you’ve been hearing the word “antimicrobial” everywhere. Antimicrobial means that a product has been coated in a solution that prevents the growth of microorganisms on the product’s surface. They look and work just as effectively as regular products, but have extra protection for the user. This is why among many industries, they are trusted and preferred by healthcare professionals. Health Mats carries two kinds of anti-fatigue mats with this feature: The Cushion Station and The Wet Step Mat.

The Cushion Station

The Cushion Station

Healthcare professionals, welders, factory workers, mechanics, and the like rejoice with these grease and oil proof mats. But don’t be fooled! These exceptional capabilities don’t limit the mat to these industries. They are ideal for office workers as well. Not only does ergonomic design of the Cushion Station make these essential workers feel great while they work, they keep them healthy, too! With their antimicrobial treatment and autoclave sterilization, they promote a safer work environment. Plus, these health benefits also give the mat a lifetime protection against odors and degradation. Now that’s a win-win!

The Wet Step

The Wet Step

Working in a wet environment poses several health threats (aside from the general infection of Covid-19). These include: slip-and-fall accidents and the growth of bacteria and other germs in the moist environment. This shower mat eliminates them both! By protecting your employees and your customers from slipping on wet surfaces, with these mats, you prevent costly litigation. The antimicrobial coating prevents the growth of germs, keeping your facility a clean and safe environment.

Here at Health Mats, our aim is to make every worker and every workplace in Pennsylvania (and many of its surrounding states) safer. Commercial floor mats are exceptional assets in the best of times. Antimicrobial mats are just some of the many products we have to protect your employees from Covid-19.

Do you want to step up your workplace safety?

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