The Benefits of Cushion Stations for Standing Desks

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Does your body feel fatigued after a long day of working on your feet? Cushion Station Anti-Fatigue floor mats could be the solution to your aches and pains. The mats are made of a highly durable, closed cell Nitrile Rubber that ensures mat safety. They aim to promote regular movement throughout the day so your feet can seamlessly adapt to the cushioned surface. With your muscles slightly contracting and expanding, the movements are subtle enough to reduce tension and improve posture. When used in conjunction with standing desks, these mats provide an array of professionals with ergonomic and health benefits.

How Different Industries Can Benefit

How Different Industries can Benefit

There are many professionals whose success depends on them being able to stand in front of a desk or station for long periods of time. With cushion stations being grease and oil proof, this feature is beneficial to many commercial industries where spills are likely to occur. For harsher environments, mats are treated with anti-microbial agent for a lifetime of odor and degradation protection. The mats can be used in wet or dry environments and anti-static mats are safe to use at welding stations. Although anyone who is on their feet for prolonged periods of time can benefit from cushion station mats, below is a list of industries for reference.

  • Healthcare
  • Restaurant
  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Retail

The Health Benefits

The Health Benefits

The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine stated that working while fatigued is roughly equivalent to working while under the influence of alcohol. The researchers found judgement to be impaired, corners cut, and the attention and focus to detail compromised. Cushion station mats can help reduce fatigue therefore reduce these symptoms. By moving leg muscles throughout the day, blood flow is increased, this means that more oxygen is able to reach the heart. This alone provides many health benefits. With more oxygen being received, the user will be able to think more clearly. This can cause an increase in concentration, productivity and prevention of headaches.

The Perfected Ergonomic Stance and its Benefits

The Perfected Ergonomic Stance and its Benefits

The ergonomic benefits of a cushion station used with standing desks can influence almost every part of the body. Our manufacturer, Mountville Mills, has broken down how you should position your body to achieve optimum comfort. If you do so, different aspects of your body can be positively affected. We have summarized them here below.

  • Head and Neck
    • Avoid situations that require twisting or bending it forward
      • This can reduce tension in shoulders and neck
  • Hands and Wrists
    • Keep the hands and wrists in line, avoid keeping wrists pressed against hard edges.
  • Feet and Legs
    • Place foot on a footrest or other support to promote comfort
    • Provide toe space to allow workers to stand closer to counters
      • Can reduce back and leg fatigue
  • Shoulders and Arms
    • Keep shoulders relaxed
    • Keep elbows close to body
      • Reduces tension
      • Reduces headaches
  • Back
    • Stand straight, avoid leaning to the side or twisting.
      • Reduces lower back pain
      • Relieves pressure on the spine
      • Promotes good posture

Are you interested in learning more about our anti-fatigue mats? Check out our cushion station pdf.

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