5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Mats

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Are Your Commercial Mats in Need of An Upgrade?


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Winter is one of the hardest months to prepare your facility for due to the potential hazards that ice, snow, and cold weather present. An advantage of keeping your facility and customers safe this time of year is making sure your commercial mats are in tip-top shape. Are your mats up for the job? To help you answer this question, we’ve outlined 5 tell-tale signs that you need to upgrade your mats.

#1: They Are Too Small for Your Entrances

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Does your facility building have a large, welcoming entryway? If so, you need to make sure that your entrance mat is the correct size. A mat that doesn’t cover your full entrance can lead to potential hazards and wear and tear on your floors. Since entrances are notorious for experiencing a lot of foot traffic throughout any given day, it’s crucial to focus on this area. Not sure what size mat you need? When you work with a trusted mat company like Health Mats, we have industry professionals that examine specific areas to lead you in the right direction.

#2: They Are Starting to Wrinkle or Ripple

Commercial mats are placed in your facility building to cut cleaning costs, protect your floors and most importantly, protect the customers and employees who enter. Commercial mats that wrinkle or ripple due to high foot traffic or just over time, need to be replaced. Even just a small wrinkle in your mat can cause a slip, trip, or fall, that could end up leading to potential injuries and even a costly lawsuit. Upgrading these rippled mats and replacing them with high-quality mats backed with nitrile rubber can ensure that no corners are popping up and they remain smooth all-day long.

#3: They Don’t Display Your Brand

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Since first impressions are everything, utilizing your company logo and branding material wherever possible can help make a positive and long-lasting impression. Having a logo mat that is vibrant and customized for your business can make displaying your brand a breeze. Since people are more likely to remember images and slogans, it helps promote your business by imprinting subtle messages into customers minds. Not only does it market your materials, it looks great too.

#4: They Look Old and Worn

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to look at a mat and tell that It’s been there for a while. Having mats that look old and worn can take a toll on your facility. Not only will they not be working to the best of their ability, they will damage the look and possibly even the reputation of your building. You would be surprised by how much new mats could transform the look and feel of your facility. When placed in areas where foot traffic is frequent, mats can give the space a more aesthetic look and appeal.

#5: Moisture is Being Tracked into Your Facility

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Are you noticing a buildup of moisture and debris in areas that are normally clean and dry? This could mean that your commercial mats aren’t living up to their full expectations. Low-quality mats can lose their traction and absorbency capabilities over time. This can then lead to moisture from the bottom of shoes being left on facility floors instead of being trapped in your mats. Water, dirt and other hazardous materials pose many safety risks that could damage your building and customers overall wellbeing.

Don’t let your mats ruin the reputation of your facility! If you notice any of the signs above, it’s time to upgrade your mats. Not sure where to start?

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