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Fly Eagles Fly!

The Philadelphia Eagles Mascot

At Health Mats, many of our loyal customers know we are passionate about keeping facilities, employees, and customers safe and protected. What they may not know is that we are also passionate about something else… The Philadelphia Eagles. Since we are based in Chester, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia sports teams are always a topic of conversation. This past weekend, excitement filled our office building because, for the first time since 2004, The Eagles are going to the SUPER BOWL! Though many of us will be rooting for them in our living rooms, our owner Vince and his brother Michael will be in attendance, cheering on our beloved Eagles in U.S Bank Stadium on February 4th. GO EAGLES!

So far, this year has proven to be extra special for Health Mats and Philadelphia, because we will also be participating in The Eagles Autism Challenge on May 19th. With the excitement surrounding the super bowl, we thought there was no better time than now to shed some light on another organization we hold near and dear to our hearts. Below you will find out why this challenge is so important to us and our community, and how you will be able to support team Health Mats as we walk to unlock the mystery of autism.

The Challenge Mission

The Philadelphia Eagles Autism Challenge

The Eagles Autism Challenge strives to help unlock the mystery that is autism. The challenge does so by raising funds that help support innovative, cutting-edge research and programs. When they can provide the necessary research, doctors, and scientist of leading institutions, they can help those currently affected by autism and those who will be affected in future generations. The Eagles Autism Challenge hopes to inspire and engage the community, so we can provide much-needed support, and leave a lasting impression in the field of autism.

Why Support Autism?


Did you know that 1 in 68 children born in the United States has autism? This statistic makes autism the largest developmental disorder in the entire world. Autism is a bio-neurological disability that has an impact on the normal development of the brain. Individuals who have been affected by autism can experience an array of verbal and nonverbal communication challenges. These individuals can also experience difficulties in social interactions and cognitive function. We do know that there is not just one type of autism, but many. The full name, Autism Spectrum Disorder, reflects the wide variations of challenges and strengths that different people may experience. Though there is no medical cure for autism, it continues to grow at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, autism is often under-researched, understood and underfunded.

Event Description

Team HealthMats

The Eagles Autism Challenge allows you the opportunity to walk, run or bike with the Philadelphia Eagles players, alumni’s, executives, cheerleaders and more. It will be held on Saturday, May 19th and is a family-friendly 5k that everyone can enjoy. On Friday, May 18th there will be a kick-off party at Lincoln Financial Field that includes opening ceremonies, free food, beverages and family entertainment. 100 percent of the participant raised funds will go towards autism research and programs at beneficiary institutions.

Team Health Mats includes Health Mats employees, Michael Del Rossi, Anthony Del Rossi, Kris Smith, Kathy Ross, and Vincent Del Rossi. The goal for each participating member is to raise a minimum of $250. Our team goal is to fundraise as much money as possible to help support autism research and those who are affected by it.

Interested in helping us out?

Help Team Health Mats Reach Our Goals

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