How Can Commercial Mats Earn Your Business LEED Credits?

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The U.S. Green Building Council created a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credit system to encourage business owners to make environmental friendly improvements to their facilities. Matting solutions that reduce the amount of water, dust, dirt, grime, and soil entering the facility can earn LEED points. Having at least 10 feet of commercial matting at the entrance of your facility can make a big difference in creating your company’s green footprint. We outline the aspects of commercial mats that can help your business earn LEED credits.

Commercial Mats Are Sustainable



An important aspect of a green building includes the sustainability of cleaning equipment used. LEED certification requires facility managers to use equipment that reduces the amount of waste and toxins disposed in landfills. Durable, commercial mats have a long lifespan, therefore, reducing the amount of waste and natural materials used. Mat recycling programs also find other purposes for old mats such as boiler fuel and remanufactured mats.

Reduce the Use of Chemical Cleaning Products, While Improving Indoor Air Quality

No Harmful Chemicals

The Green Building Council emphasizes the reduction of building contaminants; consequently, there should be a reduction in the amount of cleaning supplies used to maintain a facility. Cleaning supplies contain harmful volatile organic chemicals which have a negative effect on indoor air quality. By adding commercial matting into your green building, you can reduce the amount of chemicals used, while actually improving air quality. This will reduce the harmful exposure of staff and guests to chemical and biological particles within your facility.

Commercial Mats Reduce Maintenance Time & Keep Buildings Cleaner

Clean Building

Commercial mats keep dirt, dust, grime, and soil outside, reducing the amount of time and money spent on facility maintenance. Door mats serve as a protective barrier from the outdoor conditions and the indoor areas of your facility. You’d be shocked to know how dirty flooring surfaces really are. It is estimated that the cost to remove 1 pound of dirt from a facility is more than $600. Aside from the environmental benefits, implementing a commercial matting system can help save you valuable resources related to maintenance.

Are you interested in earning LEED credits? Our team of experts can provide you a complimentary safety walk-through of your facility. Contact us today for more information.

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