Health Mats Pink Ribbon Fundraiser Supports Local Breast Cancer Patients

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Pink Ribbon Fundraiser Supports Courageous Local Patients Directly In Their Fights Against Breast Cancer

We are proud to announce the start of our third year of our Pink Ribbon Fundraiser! With financial donations from customers and friends of Health Mats, we are setting a new goal of $5,000 in 2019 to show our support and let local breast cancer patients know we care.

Designed to assist individuals diagnosed with breast cancer directly, the Health Mats’ fundraiser fills in the financial gap that insurance simply can not— or does not— cover.

Patients who have insurance but need some extra help with these out of pocket expenses should apply.

The fact is that medical treatment often means out of pocket expenses even with insurance:

  • Copays can be anywhere between $25-50 per visit.
  • Surgery deductibles can reach up to $2,000.
  • Some individuals may even have to factor in travel and lodging, childcare, and dine-out food expenses to make their necessary treatment appointments, which can sometimes be hours away by car.

These things add up fast, and insurance is not designed to handle the unassuming, yet accumulating price tag of medical care.

How Health Mats’ Pink Ribbon Supports Patients Directly

All participants and recipients of donations are voluntary individuals. This means that the patients themselves request to be part of the program. 100% of raised funds are given directly to patients that are actively receiving treatment in our region. In the past two years that Health Mats has run this fundraiser, at least two patients each year have benefited from the efforts of our caring customers!

How Patients Are Directly Aided:

  1. Health Mats writes a letter to be given to a Philadelphia “nurse navigator” in oncology whose job it is to help patients understand and find resources during their medical journey to become cancer-free.
  2. That nurse makes the patients aware of our fundraiser.
  3. Patients must reside in PA, DE, NJ, or MD and be a current patient in one of these states.
  4. Patients qualify to become a recipient if they have insurance but do not have the additional resources to cover expenses.
  5. Any patient who wishes to be considered in 2019 should contact Health Mats before September 12th by emailing a note to our marketing department at
  6. It is our goal to be discreet and confidential about any participants who are giving or receiving.
  7. At the end of the fundraiser, 100% of the proceeds and donations go directly to patients in the local Tri-state region that have agreed to participate.

How You Can Make A Difference & Assist The Pink Ribbon Fundraiser

The core of Health Mats’ fundraiser begins with the support of our existing customers. Attached with their invoices, as well as through email, customers will receive a flyer to make them aware of our Pink Ribbon promise:

  • For the months of August & September, they have the opportunity to rent an entrance mat designed with breast cancer awareness ribbons and make a donation of $25 or more to show their support to the world and give graciously to a well-deserved cause.
  • Anyone who is not an existing customer on our routes is welcome to make a donation – because every little bit helps!
  • All donations must be sent to Health Mats before Thursday, September 26, 2019.
  • Spread the word! We ask that our customers and friends share our cause with others so that we can maximize the help we can put directly into patients’ pockets. Help Health Mats reach our goal for 2019 and share this post and flyer on your commercial and business social media sites!

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