Support Breast Cancer Patients With Our 2020 Pink Ribbon Fundraiser

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We are proud to announce the 4th year of our Pink Ribbon Fundraiser that helps cancer patients directly! It’s been our aim to help fighters in the local Philadelphia hospitals with our fundraising efforts, but this year we need to take it to another level. Covid-19 has taken our nation for a ride and there’s never been a more important time to show support for those who really need it. Wouldn’t you agree?

Support Breast Cancer Patients With Our 2020 Pink Ribbon Fundraiser

How Does This Fundraiser Directly Help Patients?

The fact is there’s more than just medical bills to pay. Those who have to travel from remote areas to Philadelphia’s renowned hospitals and others in the Mid-Atlantic for treatment have to add the cost of travel, lodging, food, nanny care, days away and so on from work to their expenses. Unfortunately, many fundraisers only help with the medical bills and don’t deliver that extra help.

This is why every cent raised in Health Mats’ Pink Ribbon Fundraiser goes directly into the hands of patients getting treatment in this region. All patients receiving the money raised by Health Mats choose to be our recipients.

Here’s how it works

  1. Health Mats writes a letter to be given to a Philadelphia “nurse navigator” in oncology whose job it is to help patients understand and find resources during their medical journey to become cancer-free.
  2. That nurse makes the patients aware of our fundraiser.
  3. Patients must reside in PA, DE, NJ, or MD and be a current patient in one of these states.
  4. Patients qualify to become a recipient if they have insurance but do not have the additional resources to cover expenses.
  5. It is our goal to be discreet and confidential about any participants who are giving or receiving.
  6. At the end of the fundraiser, 100% of the proceeds and donations go directly to patients in the local tri-state region that have agreed to participate.

How Does The Fundraiser Work?

When you rent a mat with breast cancer’s pink ribbon, all proceeds go towards helping patients directly. You get a mat that helps to keep your facility clean and safe while supporting a great cause—that’s a win-win! When Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) is over, we take back the mat, launder it, and get it ready for next year’s fundraiser.

Don’t want a mat but still want to support?

You can make monetary donations of $25 or more by contacting Health Mats, and we will match every donation dollar for dollar. All of your donations will be added to the total of our philanthropic efforts to benefit Philadelphia breast cancer patients.

*Donations will be accepted until September 26, 2020.

Do you want to make a difference?

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