The Benefits of First Aid Kits & Safety Training Services

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Safety Always Comes First

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Since safety is always a top concern, we thought there was no better time than now to shine light on a topic we feel strongly about. Health Mats has been dedicated to commercial mat rentals and facility services for more than 48 years. Since the start, we have been working with our customers to ensure their facilities are safe, their walkways are protected and their customers are happy. To further complement our walkway safety services, we offer a readiness program that includes extensive First-Aid, CPR, and AED training to our loyal customers in conjunction with ICE Training Center. Our hopes are that providing safety products and training will make facilities prepared no matter what situations may arise. Below we have outlined reasons why your company and customers will benefit from safety supplies and training in your facility.

Knowing How to Manage Health & Safety Risks

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In order for your facility to be prepared in emergency situations, you must take the proper steps to ensure safety. Along with implementing a commercial mat program, instilling the importance of safety within your facility can go a long way. If your facility experiences a high volume of customers daily, this is especially important. If an accident were to happen or someone becomes in distress, they will look to you for help, and it’s best you be prepared. Having a first aid kit that is stocked and ready to go will allow you to assist whether the problem is big or small. If a more serious health risk were to occur, a trained staff that is certified in CPR or AED can be the difference between life or death for one of your customers. Since injuries and health complications are usually unpredictable, your safety plan cannot be. Having the proper protocols, training and supplies in place will make for a comprehensive and safe facility that knows how to manage health risks.

Trained for Any Circumstance


Being trained by professionals in First-Aid, CPR, AED and other OSHA compliant programs is beneficial to your facility. Learning these safety techniques and getting certifications will allow you to jump in and help for several different safety situations. It will also set you apart from the rest. Learning Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), is a tool that you can take with you in all aspects of life. Since each year thousands of people suffer injuries or illnesses that are treated by basic first aid, CPR is an extremely important thing to learn. Being AED trained means knowing how to use an automated external defibrillator. It’s a portable device that can send an electric shock to the heart to restore normal rhythm. Just this act alone can be a contributing factor to stabilizing a patient while help is on the way. When your equipped with the proper training you will be able to save lives, and help those in need. When your facility is trained, and stocked, your customers will be in good hands no matter what emergencies may arise.

Our Safety Services Include

  • Installation & Replenish First-Aid Kits
  • 2015 ANSI Approved Metal First-Aid Cabinets Available (with or without pain medications)
  • General Business & Food Service Environment Kits Available
  • Fleet Kits Available for Your Company’s Trucks for OSHA Compliancy
  • Affordable at Only $15 a week per cabinet, billed on a monthly basis
  • First-Aid, CPR/AED, & Other OSHA Compliant Training Courses Available, Trained by Professionals
  • AED Readiness Program Designed to Help Prepare for Sudden Cardiac Arrest

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