OBEX Brand Entrance Flooring Systems


Flexible and Adaptive

The OBEX Brand, by Milliken, is a superior entryway choice for property management groups and the hospitality industry. We are proud to offer this preferred solution that we can eventually see replacing the pedi-mat. This comes in response to the need for comprehensive and modular flooring systems in the healthcare and hospitality industries. These systems come in different colors and patterns to safeguard your facility, without compromising on style or design features.

OBEX Brand Highlights

  • Recessed or Surface Mounted
  • Indoor & Outdoor Applications
  • Customizable with Different Color/Design Choices
  • Flexible – Easy Cutting & Installation
  • Adaptable to Different Environments
  • Ultra-Durable
  • Aesthetically Pleasing

OBEX separates the areas where tiles are needed the most by interior and exterior zones:

Zone 1: Outdoors: the area just before the entrance to a building. The product Prior is Intended to remove dirt before entering a building.

Zone 2: Indoors: in a vestibule just after the entryway. The product Tergo has a brush quality that removes dirt.

Zone 3: Indoors: This is a secondary area, after Zone 2, The product Forma has a carpet quality that absorbs moisture.

OBEX Collections

Arx Collection

This collection has grid products, including Prior, Tergo, & Forma 2.0. Designed for high traffic areas, this collection is rugged and super durable. Prior and Tergo are ideal for Zone 1 protection, while Forma 2.0 is perfect for Zone 2 with a choice of various colors.


Outdoor Entrance Floor Matting


Element Eliminating Outdoor Entrance Floor Mat

Forma 2.0

Indoor Entryway Floor Mat

Other OBEX Collections

Quadrus Collection

This collection offers two different constructions, with differing scraping abilities: Quadrus and Quadrus Brush. The Quadrus Collection is ideal for use in Zones 2 or 3. Quadrus Brush systems can be installed in Zone 2 when grid systems are not applicable.

Sepio Collection

An affordable walk off carpet tile, Sepio works great in Zone 3. This modular tile system is aesthetically pleasing, while also tough at capturing dirt.

Atrium Plus

The Atrium Plus Collection combines high-performance textiles with Everwear vinyl backing to provide ultra-durable floor coverings. This collection can be custom cut to fit a variety of different spaces. These mats work perfectly in Zones 2 or 3.

Our team is experts at pairing mats with facilities and their walkways. If you have any questions, please click the button below and we will be happy to assist you.