The StepWell™ Sanitizing Mat

In your plan to reopen your business after Covid-19, it’s likely that you’ve required hand sanitizers and disinfectants to be used regularly by staff. This will eliminate the germs on hands and skin, but germs are sneaky—they can still infiltrate your workplace on your shoes. Don’t think this is unnecessary or unavoidable.

Your janitorial crew does thorough cleanings at night, but that doesn’t deter the germs that collect during the day. Those that enter on shoes can enter the air your staff breathes and stick to the objects they use each day. By the time your team comes in to clean, infection may have already entered your workplace.

This is where the StepWell™ comes into play—You sanitize your hands, so why not your shoes?

How It Works

The StepWell™ has 2 parts to it:

1. First a person steps on the sanitizing section. This is a 2′ x 3′ well that holds an abrasive insert and the liquid sanitizer of your choice. Simply wipe your feet as if you were kicking off debris on an entrance mat to activate the sanitizer.

2. Then, the person steps onto the connected 3′ x 5′ carpeted section. This helps remove any excess moisture or liquid from shoes.

And there you have it! A slip-and-fall-free shoe cleaning solution for your PA business!

stepwell mat

Product Details

  • 3 designs available
  • Total Length & Width: 3’ x 7’
  • Insert also removes dirt & debris from shoes
  • Includes 1 insert (additional inserts available)
  • Compatible with most sanitizing/disinfecting solutions
  • Works best with quaternary or hydrogen peroxide sanitizing solutions
stepwell mat

*Use of these mats does not guarantee prevention of illness or injury of any kind.