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Shower mats are an essential safety solution for a wide range of industries. Whether it’s for a spa, school, healthcare facility, bar, sports arena, restaurant, hospital, a residential facility or recreational facility, shower mats can help safeguard your janitorial staff and your guests from slipping and falling. Safety mats are vital in places where moisture builds up from a dangerous combination of water and heat, creating slippery surfaces.

Our commercial mats are made from a special type of rubber that not only prevents accidents, but are also ergonomically designed to prevent fatigue for professionals that are on their feet all day. Plus, rubber is naturally anti-microbial – so there is no need to worry about bacteria and mold – if you clean them on a regular basis. We also provide a professional cleaning program, so walkway safety is one less thing small business owners need to worry about.

Listed below you will find 4 of our top commercial shower mats for your facility, it will be worth the investment in the long run as it will prevent serious injuries and costly lawsuits.

The Wet Step

blue wet step mat

The Wet Step is one of our most popular commercial mats, as it not only prevents your staff and patrons from falling, but it is also an anti-fatigue mat. The holes provide an easy way for water to drain, and it also provides comfort for your staffs’ tired muscles after a long day at work. Made from 100 percent Nitrile rubber – you will never have to worry about your shower mat deteriorating. A wide variety of industries find the Wet Step to be beneficial for more than just their safety needs.

The Comfort Flow

Comfort flow mats in a kitchen

The Comfort Flow is another popular anti-fatigue mat designed for durability and comfort. This mat is perfect for shower areas – not only is it slip-resistant, but its anti-microbial properties also reduce unpleasant odors that can occur in places where microorganisms are present. The beveled edges and holes make this a necessity in locker rooms or spa areas, where water needs to drain safely. The food service industry and commercial kitchens appreciate the many features of the comfort flow mat, especially the added anti-fatigue and anti-static properties.

The Cushion Station

The Cushion Station Mat at work in a Hospital

The Cushion Station is a favorite amongst healthcare industries for its anti-microbial properties that combat the spread of germs and bacteria. Bartenders, nurses, cooks, teachers -the list could go on – appreciate the fact that the nitrile rubber backing secures this mat to the floor and its anti-fatigue properties ensure that they are not only safe, but comfortable.

The SuperScrape Mat

Superscraper mat placed in an entry way

The SuperScrape Mat is perfect for any wet area, not just showers and locker rooms. The cleats of this mat are specifically designed to eliminate dirt and drain liquid – making it not only slip-resistant but also chemical resistant – so it is grease and oil proof. This is the preferred mat for factories, laboratories, welding stations, mechanic shops – again, the list could go on.

The SuperScrape’s sister mat, the SuperScrape Plus has diagonal boarder cleats designed to make any water drain away and disappear. Plus, they are easy to clean if you clean them on a regular basis, which is why we provide professional mat laundering for our clients – making the whole process hassle free.

Interested in a shower mat for your facility? Want to protect your staff and patrons?

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