Anti-Fatigue Mats



These fully launderable 100% Nitrile Rubber mats are superior for grease and oil resistance. They act as scraper mats, flow though mats, and anti-fatigue mats. They are ideal for kitchens, bars, pools, locker rooms, food processing areas, and walk-in freezers.



Highly durable, closed-cell Nitrile rubber is uniquely designed to be a comfortable and functional anti-fatigue mat. Mats are grease and oil proof and can be used in wet or dry environments. Mats may be autoclave sterilized and are treated with an anti-microbial agent for lifetime protection against odors and degradation. Anti-static mats are safe to use at welding stations.



The Wet Step Mat is a slip resistant, anti-microbial anti-fatigue mat that can be utilized for wet applications indoors and outdoors. They are made from 100 percent Nitrile rubber which ensures comfort and prevents degradation. The Wet Step includes many benefits and features that can be utilized in many different industries.