Known as a hidden jewel in the city of Chester, Pennsylvania, Health Mats has a great story because it started as a diaper cleaning service in the fifties and became a regional commercial rental mat company that is active and competitive with regional and national textile rental companies today. Health Mats operates with a dedicated crew of employees comprised of management, administration, service, and production. The family oriented atmosphere welcomes hard working people who are focused on the job. Many of our employees have brought on relatives to work for Health Mats, and some of these employees have stayed with us for over 25 years!

A company that is owned by Vince and Nancy Del Rossi, Health Mats is celebrating 50 years of service to the Greater Philadelphia and tri state region. Health Mats incorporated in 1969, after Vince’s father’s company “Tiny Tykes Diaper Service” was no longer a lucrative business due to the technology of disposable diapers. Vince’s father came up with the term “Health Mat” for mats that were delivered to customers and became the company’s brand for rental mats.

Vince and Nancy worked together for almost 30 years, and their son James has worked in the business throughout the years as well. Nancy retired when she became a grandmother so that she could watch her grandsons. The two grandsons are now 17 and 15 years old (Vincent and Julian). When asked about the humble beginnings of Health Mats, Vince recalls cleaning mats with his wife Nancy early on. “We were just kids when we started. We worked hard and never gave up.”

In 1988, Health Mats Company moved from Ridley Avenue to Pennell St. in Chester, Pennsylvania where the Health Mats Industrial Laundry Facility operates. On average, Health Mats cleans an estimated 25,000 pounds of rubber mat per day! Open just four days a week – that’s 100,000 pounds of mat a week!

Our walkway safety program is beneficial for commercial properties, because we are keeping their properties clean, safe, and healthy with our rental mat program that delivers clean mats on a weekly, bi-weekly, and every four week schedule. Health Mats is known to work with large and small businesses ranging from Health Care, Sports Arenas, Manufacturing, Retail, Corporate, and Higher Education properties. We are focused on providing a consistent and reliable program that our customers can rely on.

2019 is our year to reflect on how far Health Mats has come as a company and the customers and staff at Health Mats all know they are a part of a great community. With core values centered on being a clean, safe, and healthy company, Health Mats gives back to the community through charitable giving and sponsorships. Each year Health Mats raises money for Breast Cancer Awareness month through a Pink Ribbon Mat Program that benefits local patients who are struggling because of breast cancer. In 2018, Team Health Mats raised over $6000 and contributed 10K for the Eagles Autism Challenge, and in 2019, we are working towards greater community giving. It just makes sense to develop a responsible program that cares about people.