Mats To Facilitate Social Distancing in Business Workplaces

By nature, humans are social creatures, which is why many have struggled with the practice of staying away from others during the Covid-19 pandemic. Businesses and schools reopening means that life is starting to return to normal. In their excitement and false sense of security, employees and students can quickly forget to follow this practice. This means that they’ll stand on top of each other in waiting lines, crisscross through aisles, and group together when they shouldn’t. None of these actions can be allowed in your facility, but fortunately there’s an easy way to remind everyone to social distance: mats.


Stay in Your Lane:

Sure Stride Directional Mat

From grocery store aisles to large hospital hallways, places that get a lot of foot traffic can use these mats to streamline guests and customers into lanes. It’s just like driving a car on the street: if there were no traffic lanes, vehicles would crash into each other. The less collisions and close proximity people have to each other, the more people feel safe.

Product Details:

· Provides clear direction

· Can be rotated to point in any direction

· Strong adhesive backing

· Resistant to foot, cart, and other traffic

· Remains in place during floor cleaning

· Residue-free

· Odor resistant

· Slip resistant

· 3-4 month performance

· 6 mats/case

mat with arrow

Stop Right Here:

Stick-and-Stand Mats

If there’s one thing no one enjoys, it’s waiting in line. In their impatience to get to the front, people have a tendency to crowd up against those before them. You can easily avoid this happening in your store or facility with the help of Stick-and-Stand mats. Designed with footprints and the universal “stop sign” shape, these adhesive mats should be placed 6ft apart. If measured correctly, you’ll have a great social distancing set up in your business. Just place them down and let these silent reminders do their job!

Product Details:

· Marks exactly where customers should stand

· Foot-traffic & cart resistant

· Doesn’t interfere with floor cleaning

· Residue-free

· Odor Resistant

· Slip & fall resistant

· 3-4 performance

· 6 mats/case

mat with footprints

Here at Health Mats, we are proud to offer these essential social distancing mats to the state of PA, NJ, MD, and DE. By incorporating these into your reopening plan, you as a business owner can feel confident about welcoming back staff and customers.

Ready to reopen on the right foot?

*Use of these mats does not guarantee prevention of illness or injury of any kind.