Renting vs. Purchasing Commercial Mats

Walkway Safety Solutions

The Pros and Cons when it comes to renting or buying.

It is critical to have a commercial mat program in place for your business.

Determine the best walkway safety solution for your building.

Read a full comparison of the difference between mat rental and purchasing.

Improved Housekeeping

Improved Housekeeping

80% of dust and dirt gets tracked in from the outside. With our Walkway Safety Program, your floors, walls, ceilings, and fixtures stay cleaner longer.

Con: Vacuuming a mat only removes 10% of the dirt and mats will loose functionality over time.

Improves your image

Improves Your Image

Our Mats perform beautifully for you at entrances, hallways, and high traffic areas when maintained regularly.

Con: Mats that are not maintained become dirty and soiled, chipped and old looking – leaving a negative impression on your business.

No Investment

No Investment

We maintain a large supply of quality rental mats to serve you – so there is less money upfront.

Con: Purchased mats will need to be replaced over time.

Free Consultation

Free consultation

Health Mats will be happy to meet you and do a walkway safety survey of your building to determine the best locations, and proper size and style for our mats to be installed.

Con: Without a consultation – you may end up buying the wrong size or type of mat.

Regular Delivery

Regular Delivery

We exchange soiled mats with freshly laundered mats on a weekly, bi-weekly, or every four-week schedule.

Con: If your mats are not maintained on a regular schedule you will need to buy replacement mats.

Saves you money

Saves you Time and Money

Our mat service can reduce your cleaning costs and save you money.

Con: Without a service your employees could be focusing on other housekeeping projects.

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