Commercial Mats

At Health Mats Company, we offer customers a wide range of commercial mats for a variety of purposes. Whether you need a mat for your entrance way, or something customized that will enhance your branding, Health Mats has exactly what you need. All our mats are backed with 90 mil rubber and can be ordered with curved or squared corners.



Anti-fatigue mats are necessary for workplaces where people are standing as they work. These mats reduce pressure on the muscles as workers stand, providing comfort and improving overall workplace productivity.



Caution mats use bold text and contrasting colors to help alert employees to any hazards in the immediate area. They’re perfect for alerting workers in facilities where any type of construction is taking place.

Custom Logo


Want to spice up your facility with mats that are customized to suit your company’s branding? Health Mats offers custom logo mats that will give visitors a strong first impression when they walk into your building.



Entrance mats are recommended additions for any business. They help keep the entranceway of your facility clean, while helping to reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents.



Scraper mats help keep your building free of dirt and debris, while also reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents. These mats are easy to clean and are available in a variety of designs for both indoor and outdoor use.



Shower mats are ideal for wet areas, including showers and locker rooms. The slip-resistant mats ensure people do not slip and fall in locations where water builds up easily on the floor.

Social Distancing


Social distancing mats remind people to keep a good distance from others to help maintain sanitary standards and keep clients healthy. Impression mats are available that relay messages to anyone walking through your facility.



In addition to commercial mats, Health Mats also offers a wide range of facility services you can use to promote cleanliness and improve your overall brand image. Restroom supplies, air fresheners and more are available for purchase.