Scraper Mats

An outdoor entrance mat, or an indoor safety guard, no matter where you use them, scraper mats get the job done. Certified high-traction by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), our scraper mats are your solution to prevent slip and fall accidents. Plus, they don’t just keep your facility clean from debris on shoes. They’re oil-proof, water, grease, and chemical resistant, making them ideal for locker rooms, mechanic and welding shops.

These lightweight mats are remarkably easy to clean, and it can even be commercially laundered by professionals, like Health Mats.

So the question isn’t where you can use them.

The question is which is the best option for your business?

SuperScrape Plus Mat

The SuperScape Plus Mat is the standard for facility cleanliness. Whether you live in a seasonal climate or water is a concern in your facility, then the SuperScrapePlus mat is the one for you. The surface of this mat will clean the dirt and debris off shoes, but it also helps with excess water.
The design of the surface is unique with cleats that have drainable borders so liquid filter right off.

Available Sizes:

2.5′ x 3′ (29.75″ x 35″)

3′ x 5′ (35″ x 56″)

3′ x 10′ (35″ x 113.25″)

4′ x 6′ (46″ x 68.75″)


Material: Nitrile rubber

Thickness: 3/16 inch

SuperScrape Mat

When you place this mat at the entrance to your building, the surface cleats effectively remove and trap the debris
caught on the bottom of your staffs’ shoes. So can consider tracking dirt into the workplace a thing of the past!

Available Sizes:

2.5′ x 3′ (29″ x 34″)

3′ x 5′ (34″ x 55″)

3′ x 10′ (34″ x 111″)

4′ x 6′ (45″ x 68″)

4′ x 8′ (45″ x 94″)

6′ x 6′ (68″ x 68″)

6′ x 8′ (68″ x 96″)


Material: Nitrile rubber

Thickness: 3/16 inch

Available for rent or purchase, these scraper mats are the solution your business has been looking for. Know which one you’d like? Let us know and we’ll step on your delivery.