Shower Mats

Wet areas, such as the spaces in front of showers, are prime locations for slip and fall accidents to occur. Depending on the material of the flooring around you, it can be easy to lose your footing while the ground is wet.

Reduce The

Risk of Slipping

Health Mats offers slip-resistant shower mats that help drain the water around you, keeping you safe and out of harm’s way.
These mats are versatile, easy to clean and ensure the safety of you and others in any location where water can build up on the floor.

Wet Step Mats

The Wet Step is the ideal mat for the summertime. Made from 100% Nitrile rubber, this mat is comfortable to stand on and has been anti-microbially treated to prevent odors and degradation. The built-in holes ensure that water drains quickly and efficiently, removing the risk of any slips occurring. Wet Step mats serve a variety of industries and are perfect for bathrooms and locker rooms.

Other Features

  • Available in blue or grey
  • Sizes: 2×3, 3×5, 3×10
  • Custom ordering available
  • Can be ordered from 3′ widths in 1′ increments from 2 ft. – 20 ft.

If you want more information about our mats, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.