The Perfect Summertime Shower Mat: The Wet Step 

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The best way to beat the summer heat is by cooling down any way you can. No one knows this better than facility owners who provide easy access to water based activities. With many people coming to swim, use the spa and enjoy recreational activities, it’s important to have your facility prepared. The Wet Step is our official shower mat of the summer due to its ability to secure safety, its versatility, durability and much more. 

See why your facility can’t go without the Wet Step this summer.

Anywhere There’s Water, There Should be a Wet Step

Anywhere There’s Water, There Should be a Wet Step

The Wet Step was made with water in mind. If your facility is prone to having watery walkways, you must have a Wet Step in place. The Wet step can prevent slip and fall injuries and can even secure the safety of your guests. This is because the Wet Step mat was designed to resist water instead of trap it. They are equipped with flow through holes so water can freely pass through them. This means guests will have a dry, comfortable and safe place to step once out of the water. The Wet Step is also known for its anti-fatigue properties. Not only will they prevent slips from happening, they will also comfort tired muscles after a long day of swimming. As an added bonus, Wet Step can be used both indoors and outdoors. This means your facility will be protected wherever the water may be.

Many Different Industries Will Benefit

The Wet Step is the mat of the summer because it can be used in many different industries. When we first think of a mat made for water, we immediately think of facilities that have pools and outside water activities. Though these mats are perfect for that kind of use, they can also be utilized in other areas as well. The Wet Step is anti-microbial treated for a lifetime protection against odors and degradation. Due to this, it will also reduce the spread of germs and bacteria, making it suitable to use in hospitals, scrub areas and more. Due to its slip-resistant properties, the Wet Step can be placed in locker rooms, restrooms, recreational centers, and spas. Placing a Wet Step outside of a shower or hot tub will ensure that customers have a soft and comfortable place to put their feet once out of the water. They are also grease and oil resistant, making it safe to use in high risk areas as well.

Added Features & Benefits

Added Features & Benefits

  • Made with 100% Nitrile rubber.
  • Available in blue or grey.
  • Available in sizes: 2×3, 3×5, 3×10.
  • Can be custom ordered.
  • Can be ordered from 3’ widths in 1’ increments from 2ft-20ft.

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