Anti-Fatigue Mats: Not Just for Restaurants 

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It may not be obvious at first, but anti-fatigue mats are a powerful motivational tool in the workplace. Sure, it’s clear they offer safety and cleanliness, but that’s about it, right? Wrong. Anti-fatigue mats offer comfort and support that translates into improved morale and high productivity. You’ve probably seen them at bars or restaurants, but can anti-fatigue mats really help the office? We say yes. 

Even if you’ve never seen anti-fatigue mats in the office before, after a few weeks of added support and protection, we guarantee you’ll notice a difference in both your workers and your workplace. Here are just some of the ways our anti-fatigue mats can improve industries from Food Service all the way to the home office. 


At the Office & In the Home 

woman standing at sit-stand desk

Using a sit-stand desk in the office can be beneficial for both comfort and productivity. It allows for more variety in the working posture throughout the day, resulting in greater ergonomic benefits than sitting in a chair for long periods of time. The ability to switch between sitting and standing can help improve circulation, reduce muscle tension, and decrease back pain. 

Unfortunately, while a sit-stand desk has many ergonomic benefits, it also has some downsides. Using a desk that allows you to stand can put a strain on the lower back, ankles, and legs due to prolonged standing. Additionally, standing on hard surfaces for extended periods of time can cause fatigue, which can lead to decreased focus and productivity. 

In order to maximize the ergonomic benefits of using a sit-stand desk, it’s important to use an anti-fatigue mat. An anti-fatigue mat will provide cushioning, support, and shock absorption, all of which help reduce strain on the feet and joints. This cushioning also helps to reduce fatigue so that you can work for longer periods of time without having to take breaks as often. In addition to this, the mat will help to reduce noise and vibrations, creating a more comfortable workspace for you and your coworkers. 

The Home Office 

A good home office is more than just a flat surface with a computer and Wi-Fi password. Creating a designated workspace with all your office needs provided for is necessary to achieve the same levels of productivity you experience in the corporate office. Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who received a sit-stand desk for Christmas. Unlock the full benefits of your gift by pairing it with an anti-fatigue mat. 

In fact, the Cushion Station has plenty of home applications, from the kitchen to the garage, washing the dishes or checking the engine. An anti-fatigue mat makes long hours of prepping, cooking, and baking fly by so quickly that you could open your own bakery! On your days off from work, that is. 

Gyms, Pools, & Spas 

Anti-fatigue mats are a great addition to any gym, pool, or spa. Not only do they provide comfort for lifeguards or concessions workers who are standing for long periods of time, but they also help to prevent slips and falls that could otherwise be dangerous. In bathrooms, locker rooms, and changing areas it’s especially important to use anti-microbial mats to prevent mildew and odors.   

Our recommendation? This much moisture calls for the Wet Step. Built-in holes help water to drain quickly, preventing slips and odor causing mildew. The 100% Nitrile rubber mat adds a layer of comfort to slippery tile, concrete, hardwood, and other unforgiving surfaces. Wet Step mats are treated to be anti-microbial, which helps to prevent odors, mildew, and degradation. 

Cashiers, Clerks, and Everybody Else 

Cashiers, clerks, guards, ticket takers, casino dealers, store greeters, the list of people who spend their days working on their feet is longer than you might think. Standing in one place without the ability to move for extended periods of time can cause fatigue, pain, stress injuries, and a lack of energy. Anti-fatigue mats provide a comfortable solution that helps reduce the physical strain on workers in these positions. 

Anti-fatigue mats are specifically designed to help reduce the stress on the feet, ankles, and legs while standing. They are constructed with a cushioning material that helps to evenly distribute the body weight across the entire surface. This helps to reduce pressure points on the feet, legs, and back that can cause pain or discomfort over time. Additionally, anti-fatigue mats are designed with an ergonomic edge that helps prevent slips and falls. 

For cashiers (and similar positions) in particular, anti-fatigue mats can help reduce the physical strain of standing during their shifts. By providing cushioning and support to the feet and legs, cashiers can stay on their feet longer and remain more alert while at work. Furthermore, anti-fatigue mats can help improve employee morale by making cashier stations more comfortable and inviting. 

In addition to providing comfort and support, anti-fatigue mats also help to keep cashier stations clean and safe. The mats are designed to be easy to clean and maintain, and they can trap dirt, dust, and other debris to help keep work areas free of contaminants. By providing comfort and safety to employees, anti-fatigue mats can help businesses ensure their cashier stations are up to par with industry standards. 

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