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Commercial Mats Make a Positive Impact on Workplace Safety

Slip and fall accidents are a major cause of workers’ compensation claims, many of which are due to surface-related accidents. According to the National Safety Council, workers’ compensation and related medical expenses cost around $70 billion annually.  

In addition, over 20% of slip-and-fall accidents account for injured employees being off the job for 31 days or more, which not only leads to bad morale, but also major losses in overall productivity and your bottom line.  

Add to that the additional hazard of bacteria and other pathogens, and you can see how a lack of proper matting can do serious damage to your people, your customers, and your bank account. It doesn’t have to be that way.  

One of the most effective first lines of defense is the implementation of a walkway safety solution program, which includes commercial matting in key places in and around your facility. When businesses invest in commercial mats placed in the right locations AND take proper care of those mats, the number of slip and fall accidents plummets.  

Need help choosing the right mat(s)? We’re here to answer your questions and provide you with a roadmap to keep your employees and customers safe and healthy.  

Questions to Ask When Selecting the Right Mat for Your Business 

To narrow down your business needs and the type(s) of matting that suit your business best, ask yourself the following questions. 

What Problems Are You Trying to Solve? 

What are the main objectives you’re looking to accomplish? Protect employees against fatigue and muscle soreness, avoid static electricity, or prevent other workplace hazards?  

What Issues Do You Face with Your Current Mats?

Does your entrance area have mats that do not absorb moisture or trap dirt? Have there been any incidents caused by the wrong type of mat? Do you have the right mats in the right places? 

What Is Your Workplace Environment Like?

Dry, wet, or a combination? What type of environment (or environments) are present in your facility?  

What Mat Thickness Suits Your Needs?

How thick and/or heavy duty does your mat need to be in order to be effective? Do you want a lightweight or a heavy-weight mat? 

What Are Your Material Type and Maintenance Needs?

Rubber or nylon mat? How are you maintaining your mats? Do you need a service to help keep the mats in good shape and optimally hygienic? 

Are There Other Essential Factors to Keep in Mind?

Proper mat care is essential for maintaining the integrity and longevity of commercial mats. To address this, we provide a mat program whereby mats are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. We use industrial machines to rid the mats of dirt and soil and offer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedules for the removal of dirty mats and the delivery of clean ones. 

Types of Commercial Mats 

The following is a guide outlining the different launderable mats and the criteria to consider when choosing which mats work best where.  

For Outdoor Use 

Our Superscrape Mats are for outside entrances. They help trap dirt, dust, and water, all of which make floors slippery and unsafe. They are a first line of defense against the introduction of pathogens and other hazards to your business. 

outdoor mat

Combining Beauty and Function 

Classic Entrance Mats do double duty – they make a good impression when people arrive and collect any residual dirt, dust, and other pathogens that try to sneak past the Superscraper mats. Entrance mats are manufactured with static dissipative solution-dyed nylon fabric, which protects floors from damaging dirt and moisture and provides superior wash fastness and lightfastness. The mat construction – a process by which the yarn is twisted and heat-set—enhances the mat’s ability to collect dirt and moisture to maximize product life.  

Focus on Brand Recognition and Safety

Our custom logo mats offer safety AND great advertising for your business. We offer three distinct types of custom mats – Colorstar Impressions, Classic Impressions HD, and Computuft. Each type offers exceptional print quality, detail, and color, bringing even the most complicated logos and designs to life. 

Classic Impressions Mat

Anti-Fatigue and Anti-Germ

Cushion Station Mats are ergonomically designed to keep employees on their feet all day safe and comfortable. The beveled edges ensure a safe transition from the mat surface onto the surrounding floor, reducing the likelihood of tripping accidents. The backing grips the floor to provide excellent skid resistance. The mat is also anti-microbial treated to prevent the spread of germs and reduce odors. 

Comfort Flow Mats are great for both wet and dry environments, making them ideal for the food service industry and commercial kitchens. These mats meet the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Their slip-resistant surface greatly reduces slip-and-fall accidents, and their design allows for good drainage. The mats are also treated with an anti-microbial technology that guards against degradation, odor, and pathogens. These mats also have antistatic properties, making them perfect for use around sensitive electronic equipment.  

Like the Cushion Station and Comfort Flow Mats, the Wet Step Mat is also an anti-fatigue mat. Made with 100% Nitrate rubber, it has an added design advantage of draining easily, making it ideal for very wet surfaces like shower rooms. The drainage holes on the mat surface allow stagnant water to slip through the mats rather than pool on the mat surface, preventing bacteria and other microbes, molds, and mildew from growing.  

The Big Guns – CAUTION Mats

Do you have an area (such as a factory or a sports arena) with a large amount of square footage requiring significant floor coverage? Consider going with ‘CAUTION’ Mats. These mats can withstand heavy traffic areas and the considerable debris that accompanies them.  

How We Serve You

Health, safety, and good branding are all priorities for a business, and we at Health Mats take them very seriously. We will help you create a commercial mat program that keeps your employees and customers safe, healthy, and comfortable while also making your business look good.  

Reach out to one of our floor safety specialists and schedule a visit to your property for a walkthrough. In-person visits help our experts gain an understanding of your facility layout and needs, which allows us to determine proper matting solutions for your business. They also put you face-to-face with an expert so can easily point out potential danger zones, get answers to questions, and address your concerns on the spot.  

Contact our team of specialists to create a program perfect to your business.

You can also schedule a free walkway safety consultation for additional peace of mind. 

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