From Scraper to Wiper: Effective Entryway Matting is a Must

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In the quest to maintain cleanliness and safety within business premises, the entryway plays a pivotal role. An effective entrance matting system is not merely a functional necessity; it is an integral part of a business’s first impression on customers and employees alike. Among the various strategies employed to tackle this challenge, the entryway three-mat system stands out for its comprehensive approach to managing dirt, moisture, and debris right at the doorstep. So let us delve into the nuances of this system, examining the roles played by the scraper, scraper/wiper, and wiper mats that will ensure a clean, safe, and welcoming entrance. 

The importance of an entryway three mat system

Superscraper mat placed in an entry way

Employing an entryway three-mat system is a strategic move for businesses and schools alike aiming to safeguard their premises from the pitfalls of dirt and moisture. Think slips, falls, and lawsuits- All things that can be easily avoided by adopting this layered approach. The scraper, scraper/wiper, and wiper zones are foundational in curtailing the volume of pollutants entering your building. The effectiveness of this system in trapping debris and drying shoes before individuals fully enter the workspace cannot be overstated.  

Beyond the safety implications, this methodical entryway plan plays a critical part in upholding the establishment’s appearance and hygiene standards. By intercepting dirt and moisture at the door, businesses effectively mitigate the need for: 

  • Excessive cleaning 
  • Repetitive maintenance efforts  
  • Extraneous labor and cleaning costs to upkeep proper hygiene standards 

This system demonstrates a proactive approach to environmental control, reflecting positively on a company’s operational efficiency and dedication to creating a pleasant and secure environment for both employees and patrons. 

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Your First Line of Defense: The Scraper Zone

At the forefront of the entryway defense system, the scraper zone is strategically placed to encounter the first wave of dirt and debris carried by visitors. It is here that the SuperScrape Mat or SuperScrape Plus Mat shines—crafted with rugged surfaces specifically designed to aggressively dislodge and capture coarse particles from footwear. These mats, renowned for their resilience, are constructed to endure harsh outdoor conditions, ensuring longevity and continuous performance regardless of the weather.  

By effectively arresting larger debris at this initial stage, the scraper zone significantly reduces the amount of dirt that might otherwise make its way indoors. Its contribution to the entryway three-mat system is pivotal, setting the stage for a cleaner, safer interior environment by preemptively tackling contaminants head-on. 

Transitioning from Outside to Inside: The Scraper/Wiper Zone

Superscraper mat placed in an entry way

Upon walking through a doorway in a business, restaurant, or school, visitors next encounter the crucial scraper/wiper zone. This intermediate space adeptly combines the functions of the scraper mat by not only continuing the scraping action but also introducing a wiping mechanism.  

Here, the entrance mats are ingeniously designed to perform a dual task; they efficiently scrape off any residual dirt while simultaneously starting to absorb moisture. This zone serves as a vital transitional area. The unique design of these mats is pivotal in enhancing the removal of finer particles and moisture, which could otherwise be tracked indoors. This section of the entryway matting system plays an indispensable role in bridging the gap between the harsh elements of the outside world and the clean, controlled environment inside, ensuring that the transition is as seamless and sanitary as possible. 

The Final Step to a Clean Entrance: The Wiper Zone 

Positioned strategically at the interior threshold, the wiper zone stands as the last barrier against the entrance of dirt and moisture into a facility. Here, mats are engineered with premium, absorbent fibers that meticulously dry the soles of shoes, capturing the last traces of moisture and minute particulate matter. This zone is crucial for ensuring that the cleanliness efforts initiated at the doorstep are seen through to completion. They also play a pivotal role in reducing the potential hazards associated with wet floors, such as slips and falls, by providing a final drying pass to footwear before individuals fully enter. Mats in the wiper zone often feature designs that blend functionality with aesthetics, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into the interior design while fulfilling their essential purpose. 

Health Mats makes floors safe  

Through the entryway three-mat system, Health Mats offers a structured approach to tackle dirt, moisture, and debris, significantly reducing the risk of slips and falls.  Beyond the scraper, scraper/wiper, and wiper mats Health Mats also offers: 

These comprehensive solutions reflect Health Mats’ dedication to meeting the diverse needs of businesses in the greater Philadelphia area and beyond, ensuring they can create a secure and appealing environment for both employees and visitors. Through their specialized products, Health Mats stands as a pivotal partner for businesses aiming to uphold high standards of cleanliness and safety.

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