SuperScrape Plus

Every business owner in Pennsylvania knows that each season comes with its hazards. Winter brings snow, spring has its rain, summer delivers storms (our friends out at the Jersey shore know all about those) and fall comes in on the wind…along with the leaves and other debris. Keeping your facility clean all year round might seem like a challenge with these changes, but there’s one easy solution:

The SuperScrape Plus Mat!

outdoor mat

This isn’t just any outdoor entrance mat. The SuperScrape Plus is engineered to be durable, lightweight and a true line of defense for your facility. Notice the design of this mat’s surface:

  1. Cleats scrape the bottoms of shoes, removing dirt and other elements before they can be tracked into your facility
  2. The grooves provide excellent traction, even on the wettest and iciest of days, protecting your staff from slip and fall accidents at your building’s entrance
  3. The mat isn’t just made to catch water and keep it from entering your facility. Its diagonal boarder cleats are designed to make any water on the mat run off and out of the way

The SuperScrape Plus doesn’t just work for entrances and wet areas. The chemical-resistant, grease and oil-proof engineering make it ideal for welding stations, factories, mechanic shops and so much more. It can take a beating in the toughest environment and still come out clean after professional mat laundering, so your workplace always looks professional.

Available Sizes*:
2.5′ x 3′ (29.75″ x 35″)
3′ x 5′ (35″ x 56″)
3′ x 10′ (35″ x 113.25″)
4′ x 6′ (46″ x 68.75″)

*Need a larger size? Check out its sister mat: the SuperScrape.

Material: Nitrile rubber
Thickness: 3/16 inch

Is your facility ready to get on the Plus side?