Why Your Facility Needs A Scraper Mat For Cleanliness & Safety

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Here in Pennsylvania, we experience all seasons in turn and must deal with the elements. Rain, mud, leaves, dust and dirt…none of this is good for a workplace. As a business owner, there are two things that you want to avoid at all costs: 

  1. A dirty/wet facility floor
  2. Slip & fall accidents 

 A scraper mat is a single product solution to preventing both of these events in your facility all year round. See below the features and benefits that showcase just some of the reasons why your facility needs to have a scraper mat

It’s A Cleaning Aid

Molded tread cleats on a superscraper mat

Keeping your facility clean helps maintain a look of professionalism. One thing most business owners fail to realize is that the floor cleaning process can (and should) begin outside the workplace and continue all day long! 

 How is this possible? Only with a scraper mat! 

 When you place a scraper mat outside your workplace entrance, the mat’s cleats scrape dirt and debris from the bottoms of shoes—hence the name. All a person has to do is walk on the mat. It’s that simple! The less dirt that gets tracked into your facility, the cleaner it will look. Plus, it will make the janitorial crew’s work easier so they can do a thorough job efficiently and quickly. 

It’s A Safety Feature

Superscraper mat placed in an entry way

On a rainy or snowy day, water is likely to get tracked inside your facility as each staff member enters it. All that water and debris that gets left on the floor is a severe slip and fall hazard. Investing in a scraper mat reduces the chances of encountering one of these costly litigations. The mat prevents water and other liquids from being carried inside the facility, helping to the floors dry and safe for employees to walk on. It’s All About Mat Safety! 

 This is because the cleated design is two-fold: 

  1. Removes dirt & water 
  2. Traps it within the mat/allows the water to run harmlessly off the sides* 

Water-runoff design available only in SuperScrape Plus 

Featured Scraper Mats

Here at Health Mats, we are proud to offer two highly effective scraper mats for your facilitySuperScrape & SuperScrape Plus. Both are made of durable & launderable Nitrile rubber for maximum performance and professional display. Not only are they slip resistant entrance mats, but the chemical-resistant, oil & grease-proof manufacturing makes them ideal for hazardous workspaces inside your facility as well. The only differences between the two are their cleat designs and available sizes. 


SuperScrape Mat 

outdoor mat

SuperScrape Plus Mat 

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