Why Your Facility Needs a Scraper Mat

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As the weather continues to get warmer, many facilities find themselves preparing for the change in seasons. Though the days of snow, sleet and ice may be behind us, rain showers and wet weather chances continue to pose a risk. That’s why there’s no better time than now to take preventative measures to boost facility safety and maintenance. Due to the unique design of scraper mats, implementing them within your commercial mat rentals can be the last thing your facility needs before summer hits. See below the features and benefits that showcase just some of the reasons why your facility needs to have a scraper mat.

Scrape Shoes Clean

Molded tread cleats on a superscraper mat

Scraper mats are designed with customer, employee and facility protection in mind. They are made with a 100% Nitrile rubber that is highly durable and able to withstand wear and tear from high traffic areas. These mats get their name thanks to the molded tread surface cleats that work to scrape away dirt, moisture and debris from the bottom of shoes. When placed outside and in front of entrances, scraper mats dig into the soles of shoes to dislodge unwanted materials from being brought into your building. The textured surface allows for an aggressive cleaning which means no groove is too deep to be cleaned. Aside from entrances they can be placed indoors, on inclines, production areas or anywhere that needs extra traction. Scraper mats can ensure a clean facility that doesn’t have to worry about the outside being brought in.

More Grip, Less Slip

Superscraper mat placed in an entry way
Aside from thoroughly cleaning the bottom of shoes, scraper mats are incredibly effective when it comes to keeping shoes dry. The molded treads perform double duty by removing debris while wiping water off the soles. Any water that is removed will be drained due to the borders that reduce standing water on the mat’s surface. When customers or employees enter your facility with dry, clean shoes, the chance of accidents such as a slip and fall is reduced. You’ll also save the mess of water or puddles forming around entryways and all the possible hazards that risk possesses as well.

Featured Scraper Mats

SuperScrape Plus

Superscraper plus commercial mat

  • Made with multi-directional tread patterns
  • Ensures a scraping capability from all angles
  • Includes a drainable border
  • Innovative design that displays a modern appearance
  • Fully launderable


Superscrape commercial mat

  • Effectively scrapes tough dirt, dust and grime off shoes
  • Can be grease resistant
  • Available in four OSHA approved safety stripped borders; green, orange, red, yellow
  • Made with 100% Nitrile rubber
  • Durable & launderable

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