Rental Mat Services in PA, NJ, DE

One thing that sets Health Mats Company apart from the competition is we offer the largest selection of floor mat colors
in the industry as well as sizes from 2 X 3 up to industrial sizes of 6 X 20.

Rental Mats are the Solution to your Facility Maintenance Needs

In office suites, hospitals, restaurants, theatres, schools, factories, and just about any facility, floor mats are a key element in any building maintenance program. Without them, buildings incur hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year in excessive cleaning costs.

Floor mats are the most efficient way of stopping dirt at the door and keeping building maintenance costs to a minimum. They are also effective internally in high-traffic areas or at service wipe-off regions such as main entrances and lobbies.

You’ll be amazed at the difference a mat program can make for your facility and how it can benefit your budget. Depending on your floor matting needs, a business can choose between mat rental and purchase. Our team of experts is always here to help you choose the best mat and program fit.

Although entrance mats are most commonly used, numerous other areas require mats.

Mats can be used where safety is a must or an anti-fatigue mat is essential.

Mats are also an excellent way to project a company image, message or logo to visitors, employees and customers.

There has never been an easier way to enhance your corporate image than with a Health Mats custom logo floor mats. From retail stores to office space, these custom designed logo mats provide the highest quality images available, in just the size and colors you need.

Health Mats Company makes walkway safety a priority. We deliver mats according to the needs of your building and the function of the space. Health Mats offers larger sized mats that can cover the entire area instead of having several wrong sized mats that can be a liability for you. Our mats all have a 90 mil rubber backing so that the mats lay flat on the floor and don’t ripple when they are walked over. Health Mats also offers a curved corner mat for aesthetics, and safety.

Our year round service will ensure that your building will be prepared for any seasonal weather – don’t let fall, winter, spring, or summer get the best of your walkways. Health Mats will personalize your delivery schedule for a seamless walkway safety program and when the seasons do change – we are there for you!

There is no initial investment for our services – unless there is a custom design involved. Service is billed monthly and our routes are managed so that we can deliver clean, safe, mat services to your property on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule. We have an excellent service department that can address any of your questions or needs as they arise.

Green Aspects
of the Health Mats Rental Program
Green Aspects of the Health Mats Rental Program
• Keeps your property clean and green
• Reduce dirt and grime from entering the building
• Keeps your floors and carpet areas cleaner
laundry service based on the amount of foot traffic
• True green certified detergents
• Health Mats recycles water and rubber Keep you facility fresh with the environmentally friendly Twist Air Freshener.
Health Mats Benefits
For using a Rental Program
With the Health Mats Rental Program You Will Have
• A Cleaner Building
• Safer Floors
• An Appealing Entrance
• Lower Maintenance and Labor Costs
• Protection for expensive hardware, tile, marble or carpeted floors
• A Solution and the Source for every floor mat need Health Mats keeps your company clean, safe, healthy!

Need a larger mat? Health Mats offers larger sized mats up to a 6 x 20.

We like our Curve Corner solution for double doors. Why have 12 corners when you could have 4!

Use the slider on the image to see a before and after look at a better walkway solution.