The Commercial Applications of Anti-Fatigue Mats

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Anti-fatigue mats can be used and beneficial to employees and business owners in a variety of different industries. These mats come with ergonomic capabilities that are designed to reduce fatigue, muscle pain, and soreness as a result of standing on one’s feet for a long period of time. Not only do these mats provide a comfortable surface,
they also safeguard employees from slip and fall accidents and reduce the likelihood of costly lawsuits for business owners. Anti-fatigue floor mats come with other highlights such as anti-microbial and anti-static capabilities. Anti-fatigue mats are being used in the restaurant, healthcare, and retail industries. As facility managers work to improve the floor safety of their buildings, Health Mats is seeing an increase in the use of this type of matting.

Restaurant Industry

restaurant worker standing on mat
Restaurant industry employees often work for long hours without any relief or a break from standing up. Anti-fatigue mats help to protect these employees from injury and loss of productivity from fatigue. Anti-fatigue floor mats can be placed in locations in the front of the house and back of the house areas including the host/hostess stand, bar area, and kitchen areas (dishwashing stations, cook stands, etc…).

Specifically in the bar and kitchen areas, anti-fatigue commercial mats can help prevent slip and fall accidents, with their durable backings that grip to the floor, preventing movement. More often than not, these mats come with slip, oil, and grease resistant surfaces to reduce the chance of accidents. The flooring surfaces beneath these mats are also safeguarded from foot-traffic, broken plates, pans, and other heavy-duty kitchen materials.

Healthcare Industry

anti-fatigue mat in hospital
Apply anti-fatigue mats to a variety of different areas within a healthcare facility including clean rooms, reception areas, surgical rooms, and more. With the spread of germs and bacteria being prevalent, anti-fatigue floor mats that are anti-microbial treated can help to reduce the spread of harmful germs and reduce odors. In surgical rooms, where surgeons, nurses, and other medical personnel are standing on their feet for hours, these mats can provide some relief from the pressure of the hard flooring surfaces.

Reduce the chance of slip and fall accidents with these mats that offer slip-resistant surfaces as well as rubber backings. Clean rooms can benefit from the incorporation of anti-microbial treated commercial mats where germs and bacteria must be reduced to an insignificant level. Medical devices, medicines, and other essential medical materials are stored within hospital clean rooms. Hospital reception areas can also benefit from the incorporation of these mats by preventing staff members from experiencing fatigue and muscle pain. Adding some ergonomics into the mix can help to reinvigorate your staff, while actually increasing workplace productivity.

Retail Industry

Retail Industry

Anti-fatigue mats can incorporate ergonomic relief into a somewhat uncomfortable environment. Cashiers and other retail personnel stand on their feet for long shifts, often with no relief. These mats can create a protective barrier between the hard flooring surfaces and the person’s feet, reducing soreness, pain, and fatigue. Anti-fatigue commercial floor mats with anti-static features are ideal for cashier settings, where electronic equipment is present.

Anti-static treated mats can help protect employees from harmful static electricity charges; additionally, the costly computer and other electronic equipment will be safeguarded from charges. These individuals deal directly with customers throughout the workday, so it is critical for them to be energized and personable to leave a lasting positive impression on visitors. These mats work perfectly at cashier stations in grocery stores, clothing stores, and more

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