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Anti-fatigue and non-slip mats are a boon to every restaurant, cafeteria, kitchen, and any business that may make a mess. They collect dirt, prevent accidents, make cleaning easy, and even give comfort and support to workers. All they ask in return is a bit of regular cleaning and maintenance. Considering all they do for your business, that isn’t asking much. Let’s take a look at how to simply and effectively clean your commercial kitchen mats.

Seeing Is Believing

Not sure your mats are pulling their weight in the kitchen? Take one outside and give it a sweep or hose it off. Even with a simple broom or low water pressure you will be shocked to see the amount of dirt, grime, dust, and debris your mats capture on a daily basis. Once your mat is “broom clean” it’s time for the next step.

Don’t Get Harsh

When it comes time to clean your mats, you may be tempted to reach for harsh chemicals and strong cleaners like bleach, alkalis, or high pH solvents. After all, the stronger the cleaner then the cleaner the mat, right? Wrong. Detergents with a pH higher than 9.5 can do damage to the mat’s surface. A damaged mat doesn’t provide a high level of safety, and will need to be replaced soon. It’s always smart to double-check the cleaner you intend to use for any corrosive effects it may have.

Be Gentle

Grease and oil are two of the most common types of debris in the kitchen, and over time they can damage your kitchen mats. Luckily, removing debris just once a week will dramatically increase the life of your mat.

Simply use a mild soap with hot water (between 120- and 140-degrees Fahrenheit) to quickly and gently clean your commercial kitchen mat. The hot water dissolves grease and oil, while the soap kills germs and odors.

No Machines? No Problem!

The best thing about cleaning your commercial kitchen mats? There is no machinery required! Commercial kitchen mats don’t need the aggressive scrubbing or drying provided by typical laundry machines. Besides, your machines may already be busy washing uniforms and linens.

After you finish washing your mat simply rinse, drain, and let dry. Be sure to lay your mats out flat to let them dry in place; rolling up a wet mat will prevent drying and eventually harm the mat, and a rolled mat never prevented a slip anyway.

Benefits of Renting

At Health Mats, we offer a commercial kitchen mat rental service designed to keep your kitchen clean, comfortable, and cooking. Don’t waste time having employees clean your mats when they have customers to serve. Let us focus on what we do best.

Saves Time & Money

Restaurants, food stores, processing plants, and factories are magnets for dirt, grime, and debris. When not properly removed, this grime will negatively impact the mat’s functionality. Commercial kitchen mats that don’t provide anti-fatigue support AND don’t absorb mess have to be replaced, and that can be expensive.

Rented mats are replaced regularly, saving you time and money, while allowing your workers to focus on the task at hand, and not the problems underfoot.

Improved Image

Tracking dirt, water, snow, mud, and other natural debris into your facility doesn’t just create a mess, it creates an image of your business as disorganized, distressed, and neglected. Laundered mats from our service are fresh like new and keep your high traffic areas safe and professional.

Regular Delivery

Soiled mats are replaced with freshly cleaned mats on a regular schedule, whenever you need them. We can deliver clean mats weekly, bi-weekly, or every four weeks, whatever works best for your business. Regularly swapping mats means you never have to worry about replacing them.

The best part? The price of rental is just the cost of delivery. You get shiny, clean mats on a reliable basis, and your business gains a professional and presentable appearance.

Still not sure? Take a closer look at the pros and cons of renting commercial kitchen mats.

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