Combat the Elements All Year Round with the Right Commercial Mat 

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Protect Your Property & Your People All Year Round

The elements aren’t just brutal in the winter; each season comes with its own problems. The right commercial mat will not only protect your property and your people (both staff and clients), but it will also protect your bottom-line. The postman isn’t the only one out and about through all types of weather – your staff and consumers are apt to walk through the door bringing in all types of debris – rock salt, water, leaves, mud, dirt, sand… which in turn can lend to slip and fall accidents and damage to your facility.

Our health mats are designed to keep your facility safe and clean – regardless of the industry and regardless of what Mother Nature decides to throw your way.

Weather-proof Winter with the Right Commercial Mat

November through January is shopping season. It also comes with snow, sleet, ice, slush and the dreaded rock salt. Rock salt does a great job of clearing our roads and sidewalks, but it actually corrodes vehicles – imagine what it does to your floors.

Our scraper mats not only protect your employees and your clients from slip and fall accidents, but they also prevent the rock salt and debris from damaging your floors. Our mats are not just sturdy surfaces to walk on, they actually trap water (the main ingredient in snow, sleet and ice), and they scrape the rubbish off the bottom of everyone’s shoes at the same time. We are not just talking mud and slush, but rock salt as well.

Boots in Snow

Mechanic and welding shops rave about the scraper mats because they are oil- and grease-proof. Hospitals love them because they are water-proof and chemical-resistant. Regardless of the type of facility you own, winter is brutal on the East Coast and Mother Nature won’t spare you, but our commercial mats will soften the blow.

Spring Ahead and Save Money

Springtime in Pennsylvania is a sight to behold – while wearing your snow-suit and your snorkel. Some places will still be getting snow and other places in Pennsylvania will be getting flooded. In some areas people will be singing – “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow.” But you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be water and lots of it.

Water gets brought into your facility on the bottoms of footwear and it trickles down into the nooks and crannies of your flooring.  It will cost a boat-load of money to repair. Our Wet Step Mat shower mat traps that water and prevents it from becoming dormant and dangerous on your facility’s floors.

Let’s not forget the cost of janitorial services. Give your team a break and don’t break the bank getting them to do overtime cleaning up mud and whatever else got drug into your facility. A commercial mat will keep your overhead costs down and your crew and clientele upright.

Splasing in Puddle

Fancy a Fall-Free Autumn?

Slip and fall accidents are prominent in every season, and autumn is no exception. Watch the leaves fall, not your staff or your clientele. Our entrance mats have a trapping function that snares all types of debris that people track into your facility – including dirt and moisture.

Windy days won’t mean extra time spent sweeping or trying to clean out the dirt and muck from your heavy-duty mats. If you rent one of our Health Mats, we provide a complimentary cleaning service. The mats themselves are washable and we will be happy to wash them for you and switch them out for a new one.

Autumn Leaves on the Ground

Schools love this service. You would be surprised what children get stuck on the bottom of their shoes – unless you have children, and then you know only too well that it could literally be anything. We even have  rental commercial mats specifically designed with student safety in mind.

Stop the Sands of Time this Summer

How many times have you said – shake the sand off before you get in the car – after a drive to the shore? As an East Coast business owner – especially those that own anything near a boardwalk – casinos, restaurants, novelty shops, ice cream shops – you name it and they know all about the struggle. The struggle is real. Sand can be worse than snow, at least snow melts, but sand sticks to surfaces, especially high foot-traffic floors.

Our scraper mats are designed to – you guessed it – to scrape off the sand from any type of footwear. We can’t talk about summer without mentioning water.  Which is why we created the SuperScrape Plus Mat – which not only traps the sand and debris – but absorbs the water.

Sandals on the Beach

Recreational Facilities appreciate the SuperScrape Plus Mat – and not just for its amazing ability to absorb water. Its diagonal boarder cleats are made to make the water on the mat run off and out of the way.  As an added bonus – it is chemical-resistant (and oil and grease and everything else in between). Protect your employees working in the spas and pool areas and the clientele in the restrooms and locker rooms. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Regardless of the season or the industry – Health Mats has a solution for you. Contact us today to weather-proof your facility. 

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