The Twist is a Greener Choice for Commercial Air-Care

Americans throw more than 3 billion batteries away each year.

Batteries and fuel cells are considered hazardous waste and exposer air and water to carcinogenic heavy metals.

  • Fragrance oils evaporate, leaving minimal residue on wick.
  • Twist cartridge is fully recyclable with no disassembly required. Just toss in the the recycling bin.
  • True passive air-care. o batteries or fuel cells of any kind required for operation.

The F-MATIC Passive Air System has a NEW Twist! Using the same premium, VOC-compliant fragrances from which we’re known, we designed a cartridge that is completely spill-proof after activation. No wrapper! Twist activation is nearly effortless with our patent-pending, twist and click execution, an audible CLICK signaling that the cartridge is activated and sealed against leakage. The Twist utilizes our reliable, gravity-fueled system that never requires batteries, fuel cells or any other artificial means of power to neutralize odors in up to 6,000 cubic feet of space for a full 60 days. Just like our earlier passive air fresheners, the Twist fits competitors’ existing dispensers for an easy switch to our superior product. With it, your employees will be breathing clean air at all times.

To learn more about the environmental and cost-saving benefits of The Twist and to order one for your facility please give us a call.

F-Matic Twist