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Our company prides itself on creating a green footprint. As global environmental concerns have come to the forefront, we have stayed ahead of the curve, quickly adjusting aspects of our facility and operations to reduce our overall carbon footprint. We outline the areas of our business that has seen the most “green” influence.

Commercial Mats

Commercial Mats
Commercial mats reduce the amount of dust and dirt within a facility, which ultimately leads to a reduction in HVAC use. By utilizing commercial mats and keeping facilities cleaner, business owners can expect to see a decline in energy usage, which further reduces greenhouse gas emissions and oil use.

Our Facility

Our Facilitiy
Our facility has been recently remodeled, with improvements including new, energy-efficient windows. These windows provide a significant amount of insulation, which has allowed our company to not have to utilize the building’s natural gas heat. In the production area, new lighting fixtures and skylights have reduced our electricity for lighting by 70 percent, based on cost. These simple, but effective solutions have reduced our company’s carbon footprint, while conserving essential resources. We also value our paper recycle program that encourages our team to recycle enough paper to save one tree every month.

Mat Rental Cleaning Process

Cleaning Process
By utilizing green certified detergents, we are reducing the harmful impact of chemicals on natural streams of water. We have adjusted our cleaning and laundry cycles, allowing 35 percent of waste water to be reused and recycled. Our mat rental cleaning process is eco-friendly and encourages sustainability within Health Mats.

Mat Recycling Program

Mat Recycling Program
Our washable mats utilize fewer natural resources as compared to disposable mats. Once our rental mats have gone through their complete life cycle, they are recycled and reused as boiler fuel. The mat recycling process results in reduced usage of oil and other essential resources.

Delivery Logistics

We have revamped our delivery process, mastering logistics. After installing GPS in all Health Mats service vehicles, we have seen a reduction of 15 percent less total miles driven. We have also improved efficiency which allowed us to adjust our delivery schedule to four days a week versus five. Additionally, the improvement in efficiency and logistics allowed us to completely remove one of our delivery vehicles, furthermore, reducing carbon emissions and the use of natural resources.

Who knew our service vehicles could be so eco-friendly? The engine oil from the Health Mats fleet is recycled and reused to heat the facility where the trucks are stored. We are conserving resources and cutting down on the amount of hazardous waste produced.


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