Health Mats Keeps a Green Footprint

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Working Hard for People and Planet 

It’s no joke environmental issues are growing every day. We take our responsibility to our community and to the planet overall seriously, which is why we care deeply about our carbon footprint. To that end, we’ve committed to providing sustainable, eco-friendly products and services and focused on four specific areas where we feel we can make the most impact operations- and product-wise to create the least impact environmentally. These areas of our business have been a major focus of our efforts to operate in the most sustainable ways possible while not sacrificing the quality for which we are known.  

Commercial Mats

Q: What makes a commercial mat eco-friendly and sustainable? A: It’s built to last. And that’s what we do at Health Mats – we focus on creating commercial mats that are high quality and long-lasting, which is why our washable mats utilize fewer natural resources as compared to disposable mats. We also offer services such as professional mat cleaning and rentals to make our mats even more environmentally friendly.  

Commercial Mat Cleaning and Rental  

Maintaining your mats goes a long way in preserving them and extending their life. The longer they last, the better it is for the environment. While some mat cleaning services can be just as harmful as creating a lot of waste, our mat cleaning services use only green-certified detergents, and we reuse and recycle 35% of our wastewater and rubber. Mats also go a long way in reducing pathogens and safety risks in your work environment, which helps to keep you, your employees, and your customers healthy and safe. Rent a mat for those times when you need one, return it when you don’t! With our mat rental option, we can reduce waste, reuse, and recycle. 
Green Aspects of the Health Mats Rental Program
  • Keeps your property floors and carpets clean and safe from safety hazards  
  • Reduces dirt, grime, and other pathogens from entering the building
  • Minimizes waste and harmful chemicals

Our Facility

We’ve made a point of revamping our facilities and operations in order to reduce our potential for creating more environmental damage. As part of that, we’ve reevaluated areas such as delivery logistics and services to see where we can minimize our environmental footprint. 

Delivery Services and Logistics 

In order to streamline logistics and delivery, we’ve completely revamped our delivery process.  From installing GPS in Health Mats service vehicles (which reduced total miles driven by 15%) to consolidating deliveries to 4 days a week instead of 5, to reallocating and consolidating services so that we can reduce the number of delivery vehicles we need, we’ve continued to reduce our carbon emissions and gas consumption. Not only that, but we recycle the engine oil from our fleet and reuse it to heat the truck storage facility. As you can see, we are focusing on ways to cut down on hazardous waste while also conserving resources.  

We’re doing our part. Let us help you do yours. Contact us to discuss how we can help you green your facility.

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