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When it comes to running a successful business, cleanliness may not always be the first thing that comes to mind. However, a clean and hygienic workplace is crucial for maintaining a healthy and productive environment. A well-maintained workplace not only promotes the well-being of employees, but also leaves a positive impression on clients and visitors. How is this accomplished? Well, that is where Health Mats comes in! As a leading provider of floor mats and commercial cleaning supplies, Health Mats can provide your business with a comprehensive facilities service program outfitting your business with the best facilities products to keep workplaces sparkling clean. From floor mats to keep floors dry to soap dispensing machines that promote hand hygiene, to a microfiber rental program, these products and services will ensure a healthy and pleasant environment for employees and visitors. Let us dive into why these products are so important and how Health Mats can provide the best solutions for your business! 

The Number One Rule to a Sanitary and Happy Office? Clean Restrooms! 

Americans, on average, visit the workplace bathroom three to four times a day. Because of this, some universal truths to the definition of “cleanliness” as it pertains to a public or workplace restroom have come to light. Clean and dry sink areas outfitted with soap and hand-drying paper towels, working toilets stocked with toilet paper, and dry floors to prevent slip and fall accidents are just a few of these tenets we have come to live by, and for good reason.   

Having a clean and functioning restroom will have customers coming back to your business, employees feeling healthy, as well as boosting your brand’s image. Health Mats can help your business by providing the following supplies for your workplace restrooms: 

  • Toilet paper 
  • Toilet paper dispensers 
  • C-fold towels 
  • Antibacterial hand soap 
  • Soap dispensers 
  • Hand Sanitizer 
  • And more! 

Microfiber Rental Program 

Did you know that Health Mats also offers a unique Microfiber Rental Program? This program allows businesses to have access to high-quality microfiber cleaning products without the hassle of purchasing and maintaining them themselves.  

Microfiber is known for its superior cleaning abilities, as it can trap dust, dirt, and bacteria more effectively than traditional cleaning materials. With Health Mats’ Micro Fiber Rental Program, you can ensure that your workplace is consistently clean and sanitized and eliminate cross-contamination all while saving time and money. Say goodbye to outdated cleaning methods and say hello to the convenience and effectiveness of microfiber with Health Mats. 

Features of the Microfiber Rental Program 

  • Health Mats offers microfiber cloths, pads, wet mops, dry mops, and bonnets.  
  • Color coded for easy identification and no cross-contamination. Great for hospitals, labs, restrooms, and doctors’ offices. 
  • Cleaning services available by Health mats so your business will always have clean supplies. 

Why Your Business Should Choose Health Mats?  

Health Mats is committed to its customers by providing many levels of support that will allow a business to put its best foot forward. Their team of experts will work closely with you to assess your specific requirements and provide customized solutions that fit your budget.  

Complimentary Restroom Assessment 

Is your business in the greater Pennsylvania and New Jersey area? If so, Health Mats provides a complimentary restroom services assessment. A professional from Health Mats will come to your business to assess what your cleaning needs are and help create the perfect restroom environment. A personalized facilities service program is then created where the hassle of inventory and ordering is a thing of the past! 

Personalized Delivery and Cleaning Schedule 

Health Mats also provides inventory tracking, scheduled deliveries, and cleaning services of your rented mats and cleaning rags to ensure your business never runs out of the supplies it needs to uphold your cleaning standards.  

Competitive Prices 

Obtain supplies to meet all your cleaning dreams at competitive prices. No overspending, no hidden costs. Health Mats is here to help keep your business sanitized and safe.  

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