Step On It!

Prepare Your Business With Covid-Related Mats

Here in Philadelphia, more businesses and schools are slowly starting to open their doors to employees and the public. The buzz all around PA, NJ, MD, and DE has been about the importance of wearing masks, social distancing, maintaining sanitary standards. Wearing masks are relatively easy to enforce, social distancing can be tricky, and foot traffic immediately dirties floors again.

So how do you as a business owner manage the latter two?

The Answer: Mats.

Health Mats is proud to work with the medical professionals and first responders of Philadelphia as well as present the mats to help you safely reopen your business.

Sure Stride

Impression Mats

These adhesive-backed mats are designed to relay important messages or reminders to customers, visitors and employees. Choose from an array of stock messages or design your own using your logo/artwork and messaging.

Mat with Mask logo

Social Distancing

Mat Decals

Whether you’re in a school, grocery store or any other large public space, it’s important that your staff and guests practice social distancing. Whether you need people to stand apart or stay in their lane, there are 2 mat decals that get the job done:

  • Stick and Stand: Place them 6ft apart so everyone knows where to safely stand while waiting in line.
  • Directional: AKA the “One Way” mat, lets everyone know which way they should be walking for better social distancing.
stick-stand-mat in lobby

*Use of these mats does not guarantee prevention of illness or injury of any kind.