How To Use Covid-19 Mats To Get Students To Social Distance School

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School is back in session and Covid-19 has certainly brought some changes to the normal educational routine. As an administrator, principle, teacher, and faculty member of the school, your students’ safety for during this time is of the utmost importance. You can prepare your school to stay healthy by using mats and floor decals in the right places.

*Note: All floor mats & decals are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and thorough janitorial cleanings.


Directional Mat Decals

Where they work best: Hallways

With a large single arrow, directional mats simple to understand: walk this way. When you place these mat decals in opposite directions on either side of the hallways, they will facilitate one-way walking. The smoother your students can walk to class without bumping into each other the less chance they’ll have of spreading and contracting infection.

stick-stand-mat in lobby

Stick & Stand Mat Decals

Where they work best: Cafeteria & Restrooms

Stick & stand mat decals are perfect for marking 6ft apart. They provide an exact spot for a student or faculty member to stand while waiting in line. Cafeterias can get crowded at lunchtime, and these will help your monitoring staff keep students at the right distance while they wait their turn for food. While you might not need as many for restrooms, they are still a helpful reminder for everyone to social distance in the small space while they wait.

numerous mats with logos

Impressions Decals

Where they work best: Everywhere!

These are excellent for any Covid-19 reminder you might need because they have all the graphics for the job:

  • Denote hand sanitizing stations in the cafeteria, locker room and teachers’ lounge
  • Mark the temperature check station at the entrance of the nurse’s office
  • Remind students to wash their hands at sinks
  • Enforce mask requirements at classroom and cafeteria entrances
  • Give a silent nudge to use the social distancing stick & stand decals in restrooms

Health Mats is dedicated to making all schools and educational institutions safe. We carry the Comfort Flow anti-fatigue mats your kitchen staff requires, shower mats that keeps students safe in the locker rooms, commercial walk way mats, and even branded logo mats to show your school pride. From kindergartens to universities, your students are our priorities and we’ve kept them safe from slips and falls with these mats. Now trust us to help them stay healthy through the Covid-19 pandemic.

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