The Many Benefits of Quality Facility Matting

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Well-placed, high-quality, clean mats are a safety essential for every business, in every industry. Properly applied and regularly maintained, safety mats are a cost-effective way to: 

  1. Stay Safe: Mats placed in high-traffic areas, such as entrances and exits, can help remove dirt, moisture, and other debris from shoes, reducing the risk of slips and falls.  
  2. Keep Clean: Mats trap dirt and other debris, preventing it from being tracked throughout your facility. This can help reduce cleaning costs and maintain a more sanitary environment. 
  3. Look Your Best: Custom logo mats can add a professional and welcoming touch to your entrance. Choose colors that complement your branding and décor for style and safety combined. 
  4. Save Money: Mats prevent wear and tear on carpets and flooring that leads to expensive maintenance and repair. 

Whatever You Choose, You Win! 

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So if mats are the answer, what’s the question? Well, businesses have to make a choice: to buy, or to rent? At Health Mats, our team of experts have their own opinions about Renting vs. Buying. But before we hear from them let’s take a look at the facts!  

The Pros of Purchasing Mats 

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Lower Long-Term Cost  

If you plan to use the matting for a long time, purchasing it outright can be more cost-effective than renting it. 

More Customization 

When you purchase matting, you have more control over the styles, colors, and materials used. In fact, we only offer logo and customization to mat buyers. 

Easily Accessible 

Our mats can be purchased and shipped anywhere in the United States. 

The Cons of Purchasing Mats: 

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Higher Upfront Cost 

Purchasing matting can require a large upfront investment. 

Maintenance Costs  

When you own matting, you are responsible for cleaning and maintaining it, which can add to your costs.  

Replacement Costs  

If the matting becomes damaged or worn out, you will need to pay to replace it. 

 The Pros of Renting Mats

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Lower Upfront Cost  

You don’t have to pay a large sum of money to purchase the matting outright. In fact, at Health Mats the price for rental is the cost of delivery. That’s it! 

Maintenance Included  

When you rent matting, the rental company is responsible for cleaning and maintaining it, which can save you both time and money. 

Easy Replacement  

If the matting becomes damaged or worn out, the rental company will replace it for you. You won’t even need to tell us; we’ll know before you do which mats need to be replaced. 

The Cons of Renting Mats 

Higher Long-Term Cost  

Although the upfront cost is lower, renting matting over a long period of time can end up being more expensive than purchasing it outright, except when you factor in the time and money needed for maintenance and replacements. 

Limited Selection 

When you rent matting, you may be limited in terms of the styles and colors available. We clean mats at our facility, not yours. That means when we pick up your dirty mats we replace them with clean mats, almost like a hotel giving you fresh towels. As convenient as that is, it may limit your branding options. 

Location, Location, Location 

While our mats ship nationwide, our cleaning trucks don’t. We offer mat rental services to businesses in: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. 

 NOG – The Best of Both Worlds for Low-Traffic Businesses 

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There are plenty of businesses who use mats for safety, compliance, and cleanliness but don’t have high traffic areas. Mats that only experience light or occasional use will require less frequent cleaning. While most of our customers receive weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleanings, we have plenty of clients who only need a handful of cleanings a year.  

For those customers, we recommend the “Not Our Goods” cleaning services. If you’ve purchased mats from us and your facility is located in our delivery area, our NOG services will give your mats a professional clean whenever you decide you’re ready for one.  

Our Recommendation 

As a business owner you have to make the decision that’s right for you. But when people ask for our advice, we say: Rent. 

No matter your industry, renting mats combines the benefits of high-quality products with high-quality care. When you let us worry about your facility mating, it means you’re free to run your business.  

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