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Winter is here, and maintaining cleanliness and safety in your place of business is more critical than ever. With winter comes the challenge of keeping your floors clean and dry from wet shoes and slushy boots. This is where the role of properly cleaning facility matting becomes paramount. And in this respect, Health Mats offers advantages that your business cannot afford to miss. Whether you are in a professional kitchen, the healthcare industry, a school, and beyond Health Mats certainly keeps your facility sparkling and safe.

The importance of Facility Matting

Industrial Facility Floor Mat

Facility mats serve a dual purpose- cleanliness and safety. They act as the first line of defense by catching dust, dirt, and moisture right at the entry point, thus keeping these elements from spreading throughout your facility. This proactive measure not only cuts down on cleaning expenses but also minimizes potential slip and fall hazards. A clean mat also sets the tone for a polished and professional environment, leaving a favorable impact on visitors. As such, effectively cleaning facility matting is an integral part of any establishment’s maintenance plan.

Proper cleaning of facility matting

Maintaining the functionality of your mats requires frequent and effective cleaning. These cleaning techniques should keep mats relatively clean on a daily basis, but as a general rule mats should be deep cleaned as well (more on that later).

Daily cleaning steps can be accomplished by:

  1. Shaking out any loose debris
  2. Vacuuming to clear dirt and dust

How frequently should you clean your mats, you ask?

This may vary based on the volume of foot traffic your place of business experiences. However, keep in mind that during winter, these cleaning methods should be adjusted to handle the accumulation of salt and excess moisture.

The benefits of regular mat cleaning

Regular cleaning of facility mats provides multiple advantages to your business:

  • Significantly prolongs mat life
  • Mats perform their job more efficiently
  • It is a more hygienic environment
  • Leaves a positive impression among staff, visitors, and clients

Health Mats mat rental program: The perfect solution for your business

Yes, daily housekeeping practices for your facility mats are important, however, mats will also require deep cleansing. Because of this, Health Mats has devised a mat rental program tailored specifically to combat the enhanced cleaning challenges that come at any time of year. The program provides your facility with top-notch mats, swapping them out routinely for professional cleaning.

This exceptional service guarantees a continuous supply of clean and functional mats for your establishment during the harsh winter months. It frees you from the burden of mat maintenance, leaving you more time and energy to focus on other essential aspects of your business. The Health Mats mat rental program ensures that your facility is always prepared to handle the heightened foot traffic, grime, and moisture that winter brings.

Embrace a cleaner, safer facility with Health Mats

With the winter season comes an array of cleaning and safety challenges for your facility. Health Mats’ mat rental program equips you with the resources to meet these head-on, ensuring your establishment is continually stocked with clean, high-functioning mats. This, in turn, guarantees a safer, cleaner, and more professional environment, even amidst the most demanding winter conditions.Request a free walkway safety consultation with Health Mats

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