The First Line of Defense Against Dirt, Diseases, & Other Pathogens

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Floor Mats – A Simple Way to Help Prevent Viruses and Other Pathogens From Contaminating Your Workplace 

Antimicrobial vs Antibacterial – What’s the Difference? 

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Despite what you might think, the two terms above are NOT interchangeable. Antimicrobial means stop the GROWTH of microorganisms. Antibacterial means stop the SPREAD of bacteria. As it relates to mats, this means that the mat is treated with a specific substance that prevents growth or prevents spread. 

Adding antimicrobial mats to your facility is an excellent first line of defense against the development and spread of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. 

Why Choose Type One Over the Other?  

Well, the main difference between antimicrobial mats and antibacterial mats is that antimicrobial mats offer a broader range of protection. By not allowing pathogen to grow in the first place, they prevent mold and mildew as well as bacteria and viruses. That means none of those nasties get the opportunity to spread through your facility because they are stopped before they can even get through the door. As you can imagine, any mat that prevents the growth of pathogens would be a favorite of the healthcare and food industries. 

If you want to prevent the spread of a variety of viruses, bacteria, fungi (like mold and mildew), or protozoa, you want to go with an antimicrobial mat, as it is much more effective in preventing any harmful microbes from taking up residency than an antibacterial mat.  

Health Mats carries three different types of mats with antimicrobial features – The Comfort Flow, The Cushion Station, and The Wet Step Mat

Our antimicrobial mats provide the following benefits: 

  • Stop germs and bacteria 
  • Prevent odor and discoloration 
  • Prevent slip and fall accidents 
  • Provide comfort 
  • Prevent fatigue 

The Comfort Flow 

Ideal for spas, factories, the food service industry, and commercial kitchens, the Comfort Flow mat provides anti-fatigue, anti-static, AND antimicrobial properties to guard you and your staff against unwanted pathogens, mat degradation, and bad odors. In addition, it is designed with proper drainage in mind so that fluids that would otherwise contribute to potential pathogen development don’t have the opportunity to pool on the top of the mat, which also helps to prevent slips and falls.  

Comfort Flow Mat

The Cushion Station 

Ergonomically designed with comfort, style, and safety in mind, our Cushion Station mat is ideal for the healthcare and hospitality industries. It features lifetime protection against odors and degradation. Plus, whenever you need a thorough cleaning of your mat(s), you can reach out to our professional cleaning program for a yearly deep clean. 

Cushion Station mat

The Wet Step Mat 

As the name suggests, the Wet Step mat is ideal for use in wet areas such as bathrooms and locker rooms and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The mat is antimicrobial, slip resistant, and anti-fatigue, preventing both the smells and myriad health problems associated with the mildews, molds, and other pathogens commonly found in wet areas.  

Wet Step shower mat

Ensuring the Longevity and Effectiveness of Your Mat 

Cleaning the rug

Remember – just because a mat is antimicrobial doesn’t mean it doesn’t need cleaning. While antimicrobial mats can and should be professionally cleaned at least once a year, they do still require regular maintenance on your part. Don’t forget to vacuum, hose down, and cleanse your mats about once a month, and allow your mat a chance to dry thoroughly after each cleaning.  

Want to help ensure your facility provides comfort and safety for your staff and your customers?
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