Health Mats’ New Air Freshener “The Twist” Helps The Earth’s Waters

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Health Mats’ New Air Freshener Helps The Earth’s Waters

Spring is here, and all living things are waking up with new life. At least it seems that way. The scientific numbers have been tested and cross-tested time and time again and each time the result is the same: the products that human beings make and use are poisoning Mother Nature. Whether it’s a whale dying with over 48lbs of plastic in its stomach or a reminder that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a real thing, people have either:

  1. Become desensitized to water pollution
  2. Only focus on pollution caused by plastic because its what we can still see floating around

There are so many other detrimental factors that are making Earth’s waters a toxic environment. A big one is the disposable battery; the corrosive liquid inside and even the metal casing are exceedingly dangerous pollutants. While many batteries are being recycled, it’s not enough. When they are improperly disposed of, their metal and chemical properties inevitable get into the water system, often by seeping into the ground water. These toxic substances can be lethal for all living things.

People write batteries off as “small and harmless,” and since their components (especially the liquid) dissolve in water, their detrimental impact on the environment is thus: out of sight, out of mind. Here at Health Mats, we are simply taking the batteries out of the equation with our newest product:

The Green Twist Air Freshener

Here at Health Mats, facilities are one of our specialties, so we know that in such large spaces, it can be difficult to keep the air fresh and pleasant. Those working in these environments often resort to battery operated air-fresheners to cover such a vast amount of cubic feet. (Let’s face it, that spring meadow Glade® air-freshener you keep in your bathroom at home simply won’t cut it here.) Do these industrial air-fresheners get the job done? Yes. Are they environmentally friendly? No. When it’s time to change the batteries, they are often improperly disposed of, contributing their harmful chemicals to water pollution.

The Twist Is A Greener Choice For Commercial Air-Care

The Twist uses absolutely no batteries, is made of recycled plastic, and covers 6,000 cubic feet in your facility. When you switch to Twist, it conforms to its competitors’ dispensers, so you don’t have to worry about throwing out the costly dispenser you already have. Plus, lack of batteries means less money spent and more money saved in the long run.

The Twist: Save the environment. Save money.

Now, that’s a win-win!

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