Commercial Mat Marketing 101: Custom Logo Mats

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Let’s face it. So many branding options are disposable and overdone. A flyer, an email, a social media post. They show up fast and then disappear just as quickly. People are bombarded each day with a million tiny impressions, each vying for control of an audience’s attention. Smart marketing finds ways to cut through that clutter and create brand recognition that lasts. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, an excellent way to do that is through logo mats. They not only advertise that you take pride in your brand, but they also provide a more subtle, but equally powerful message – that your brand stands for health, safety, and professionalism.

Make Your First and Last Impression Count

Perception matters. And we never get a second chance to make that all-important first impression. A logo mat customized with your business’s logo or name is an excellent way to not only ensure people see your brand as soon as they walk through your business’s doors, but it also impresses upon them that you take pride in your brand. Not to mention it also reminds them of who you are when they leave as well.

But not all mats are the same. With Health Mats, we focus on quality as well as aesthetics. We use top-notch manufacturing to ensure durability and reliability; we employ a printing method that produces vivid colors, so our mats stand out while also withstanding heavy foot traffic and daily wear and tear.

Health and Hygiene

People are more concerned and vigilant than ever about preserving health and hygiene standards, and mats are an excellent way to aid in maintaining your business’s health protocols. Not only do mats help minimize the number of pathogens that get tracked into your business, but they also ensure new ones don’t develop on surfaces. These mats keep your business environment healthier and look good while doing so.

A Strong Line of Defense Against Slips and Falls

Facilities are under constant bombardment from the element’s, day in and day out, causing never-ending potential for safety issues. Dust and dirt and mud – these potential hazards hitch a ride on the shoes of whomever walks through the door. Not to mention wind gusts can easily deposit dust and dirt on the floor any time a door opens, and water can make any surface treacherous. Mats are an excellent and effortless way to combat all those issues and ensure higher safety standards. By setting up mats outside or inside your doors – or both – you are preventing injuries that can cost your business both time and money.

Customize Your Floor Mat

There are floor mats and then there are custom floor mats. The former does the job. The latter does the job with the added value of memorable company branding. Why not take the opportunity to spice up something you’d need to have in your work facility anyway? Boldly show off your logo, image, or product throughout your place of business by customizing the mats in your entryways and throughout your facility.

Classic Impressions HD

The Classic Impressions ™ HD Logo Mat raises the branding bar sky high by featuring true photographic-quality images on plush nylon carpet. Worried about detail? Not a problem. The 4-color process uses Perma-Dye™ to minimize color fade and offers more than 10 times resolution of competitive mats. Add in StainStopper™ technologies and nitrile rubber backing, and you have the ideal mat for high-traffic areas within your workspace.

ColorStar Impressions

Committed to being environmentally friendly without losing quality of design? ColorStar Impressions Mats fit the bill. These commercial-grade mats are fade and stain-resistant and feature eco-friendly PET (polyethylene terephthalate) fabric printed with computer-controlled color jets capable of achieving just about any color and providing ultra-sharp detail.


For those looking for a lightweight yet durable mat but don’t necessarily need as much detail in their design, the CompuTuft Logo ™ Mat might be a good option. Combing solution-dyed yarns with our proprietary MasterWeave™ process, these mats offer incredible resistance to fading and wear from washing.

Think a commercial logo mat might be for you?
Check out our range of custom logo mats and find out which type works best to meet your business needs.

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