Commercial Mat Marketing 101: Custom Logo Mats

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Marketing With Mats 101: Why Logo Mats Work To Your Advantage

It’s time to redefine how businesses do brand recognition. You put out flyers, drivers make their rounds in wrapped trucks, ads go in the local newspaper, and maybe you’ll even sponsor an event or two. But something’s been missing. All your marketing has been done up high (along with everyone else’s), and your consumers are becoming desensitized to it all.

1. Logo Mats Make A Psychological Impression

The human eye is drawn to bold color and the unexpected. What don’t your customers expect? Branding at their feet.

When your customers and guests enter your facility with a logo mat to greet them, their eyes are immediately drawn down to better see what they’re about to walk on. What begins as a subconscious primal inquiry, “What’s that?” then becomes full processing of your business logo. Because the mat created a different experience when entering your workplace, people are more likely to remember your business in the future.

2. These Mats Are Beautiful & Customizable

These mats don’t just make a psychological impression—they make a positive impression with their aesthetic and quality manufacturing. Each one is unique because it’s made specifically for your business, using your company name/logo. The colors of your brand are printed with vivid shades that will withstand heavy foot traffic.

When people see such beautifully crafted mats at the entrance of a business they understand these messages:

  • A business that cares enough to brand a welcoming entrance mat surely has high standards and will take excellent care of guests and customers
  • This is a company that’s proud of its work and company culture
  • I am entering a welcoming environment
  • This a professional and respectable workplace

3. Commercial Logo Mats Help Keep Your Floors Clean

Although these mats are beautiful, they also serve another purpose: they help keep the floors of your workplace clean. When guests walk over your logo mat, the dirt and debris on the soles of their shoes are scraped off. This means that filth doesn’t get tracked into your place of business. Customers will be impressed with the cleanliness of your establishment, not realize that their walk over the mat helped to make it so.

4. They Help Keep Your Staff & Guests Safe

The safety of your staff and guests is paramount. When bad weather comes to town, these mats offer a buffer for those entering your building, helping to take water off the bottoms their shoes. This will help reduce the likelihood of slip and fall accidents on your business premises, saving you a costly litigation.

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Think that a commercial logo mat might be for you?

Let’s see which type of branded mat is best for you!

Featured Custom-Logo Floor Mats

If you’re looking for a carpeted mat for your reception desk, then the Classic Impressions HD logo mat is the way to go. Its superior photographic quality are rendered through an extensive 4 coloring stage process. This process creates over 150 different color choices and up to 10 times better resolution of comparable mats. The mat itself is made of nylon carpet surface utilizing Perma-Dye and StainStopper technology. Since they can withstand heavy foot traffic and have durable nitrile rubber backing, these mats are perfect for indoor placing. Choose from a variety of standard sizes and custom sizes up to 40’.

Our ColorStar Impressions custom logoed mats are produced with computer-controlled color jets that have the capability to reproduce any detail-oriented logo and replicate a wide range of colors. These mats are made on eco-friendly PET (polyethylene terephthalate) fabric and resistant to fading and staining. The durable nitrile rubber backing grips the floor, keeping everyone safe from slip and fall accidents, and they are commercially launderable

The CompuTuft is a lightweight custom entrance mat. The MasterWeave process used to create it, along with solution dyed yarns delivers impeccable results. This logo mat is a wash-fast mat provides a one-piece construction for durability for total convenience. You can design your very own CompuTuft mat with a combination of 6 out of 24 available colors.

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