Rent or Purchase: Which Health Mats Plan Is Best For You?

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Rent or Purchase: Which Is Best For You?

Matting is vital for safety in any facility or business industry. First, a business owner must decide on the best matting for his business and employees: elegant entrance mat to set a good first impression to customers, anti-fatigue mats for your line cooks in the kitchen? Cleaning the mats is usually the last thing on their mind, but the cleanliness of the mat is the first thing customers and employees notice. With our professional cleaning services, you can choose the mat and the plan that works best for you!

Health Mats Walkway Safety Program

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Health Mats provides a walkway safety program to our customers because we want you to have the right mats for your business. The first step is to do a walkway safety consultation with a Health Mats service manager. Our walkway safety expert can help you determine the right size, style, and right maintenance plan for your commercial property.


Mat rental is our bread and butter because we believe that it works to our customers’ greatest benefit. In this area of the country, the elements are always a factor when it comes to the cleanliness of your facility. Dirt, water, snow, and mud are constantly being tracked into your place of business and customers will associate a dirty floor with negligence in your business practice overall. Behind the scenes, mats get filthy with the grime that comes with the territory of restaurants, food stores, and factories. If not properly cleaned – and they are not easy to clean by hand!— that grime is going to result in a depreciation of the mats’ functionality, and your employees will feel that hit first.

Price for rental is the cost of delivery. That’s it. We pick up the old mats to clean and give you new, professionally cleaned mats on the spot on a regular basis, usually about every two weeks. Your facility looks professional and presentable and the mats maintain their functionality for an exponentially longer time.

Because our people must drive to your business location, our rental mat service is only available to those within our geographic area, namely the states: PA, NJ, DE, and MD.


For business owners who want to make a one-time purchase and clean the mats themselves, they can purchase any mat from our selection. Unlike rental, mat can be purchased and shipped to anywhere in the United States. Our logo and customizable mat options are exclusive to buyers. Having entrance matting with your business logo on it when people walk through the doors is a way to say, “Welcome! We are proud of our business, and you will be too.”

NOG Cleaning

Even if you choose to purchase mats from us and not use a regular cleaning program – Health Mats can offer a “not our goods” cleaning for customers who have bought mats from Health Mats and are located in our delivery region.

This works for customers who only need the mats cleaned on occasion. Most of our customers enjoy a regular walkway safety program and have mats cleaned on a weekly, bi-weekly, or every four-week basis. NOG customers are generally companies who do not get a lot of foot traffic in their buildings.

Maintaining the matting in your facility is necessary for safety and cleanliness. If you are still not sure about which plan best fits your needs, give us a call and we’ll be glad to help.

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