5 Ways A Commercial Mat Helps Your Pennsylvania Facility In Winter

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Winter MatsLove it or hate it, winter is approaching, and with the cold weather comes all the environmental hazards. We’re talking wind, rain, snow, sleet, ice….every part of the water cycle. All of these can directly lead to slip and fall accidents and other unfortunate circumstances in your facility. While you can’t control the weather, you can control how well your workplace meets the frosty challenge.

It’s all about using the proper commercial mat.


1. Prevent Slip & Fall Accidents

Entrance mats, scraper mats and complete walkways are all excellent options for exterior protection in the winter months. Commercial mats are specifically designed to prevent slip and fall accidents. Because they trap the water, scrape debris off the bottoms of shoes, and provide firm surfaces to walk on, your employees can enter the workplace safely (and business owners can avoid costly litigations).

A person in black pants walks over a SuperScrap Plus mat as they enter a building.2. Protect Flooring Surfaces

It’s not just your employees that need extra protection in the winter months. Your workplace floors do too. You see, when employees track in water on the bottoms of their shoes it can seep down into the crevices in flooring such as wood and laminate. The stagnant water can cause serious damage to the floor, requiring a costly repair. Not only that but by also placing an entrance mat inside the door, the commercial mat can protect your lovely flooring from scuffs and scratches.

3. Drop Overhead Cost

It’s common to for the overhead cost of cleaning and facility maintenance to increase in winter. The slush and mud tracked into the workplace mean that the janitorial crew has to step up their cleaning game. With the help of a commercial floor mat, your janitorial crew will save time and effort in their winter cleanings, keeping the cost of labor down.

4. They Help Make A Good Impression

In addition to making it safer, the trapping function of an entrance mat also keeps your workplace cleaner. With less water and dirt tracked in your facility will appear effortlessly. Cleanliness sends a message and an impression about your business. Guests coming into your office will feel comfortable as they settle in for an important meeting. Patients entering your hospital will feel confident that they will be well taken care of. (And as we said before, your cleaning team will thank you, too!)

5. Easy To Clean, Too!

Now, you might be thinking that there’s a catch: surely cleaning a mat that traps so much filth will be difficult to clean itself. Not at all! These mats are perfectly launderable. When you choose to rent your mats through a professionals, like Health Mats, you get clean convenience. We’ll routinely pick up your dirty mat while dropping off a clean one. This way, your facility and it’s commercial mat always put their best foot forward.

Safe employees, lower costs and cleaner facility? That’s a win all around!
Do you have the right commercial floor mats to keep your staff safe?

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