5 Ways a Commercial Mat can Stop Winter at your Door

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Winter MatsThis winter, there will most likely be snow, sleet, and rain on the ground – which translates into slippery floor surfaces that can cause accidents and maintenance headaches. Commercial entrance mats can help your facility mitigate this issue by providing a barrier of protection before visitors enter the front door. Keep winter under control with the addition of a doormat which provides 5 benefits to business owners.


  • Prevent Slip & Fall Accidents

During the winter months there is rain, sleet, and snow on the ground which further increases the likelihood that a slip and fall accident may occur. Prevent employees and visitors from tracking water into your facility with the incorporation of a commercial entrance mat. The water, dirt, and grim will stay on the mat while your building stays clean and safe, decreasing the chance of an accident.

  • Maintain the Appearance of your Facility

Commercial entrance mats prevent dirt, grime, and moisture from entering your building. During the winter season, it is more difficult to maintain the floors in a facility due to the high-foot traffic, leaving water stagnant. We understand the challenge of floor maintenance during the winter, calling Pennsylvania home. With the simple, addition of a commercial doormat, your facility will be clean and inviting!

  • Lower Overhead Costs

More often than not, overhead costs associated with the cleaning and maintenance of flooring increases throughout the winter months. Instead of having your maintenance personnel waste time and resources spent on mopping the floors, why not have them dedicate their attention to something more important? Next time it snows, imagine your entrance way with a custom logo floor mat that will save you time and money while allocating resources where they are most needed.

  • Protect Flooring Surfaces

Our boots, sneakers, and other shoes drag moisture and water into facilities during the winter months. The amount of water left stagnant in a facility can be damaging to the flooring, especially laminate and hard-wood surfaces. The entranceway of your business will also be safeguarded from scuffs or scratches. Protect your flooring with a commercial mat that keeps the damaging material from your shoes on the mat instead of everywhere else!

  • Ease of Cleaning

The majority of commercial entrance mats are launderable or can be simply hosed/vacuumed within minutes.  Easily clean salt, water, and other germs from your entrance mat. Cleaning an entrance mat is much easier in comparison to mopping an entire facility!

We carry a full line of SuperScrape mats and other commercial mat solutions that can help protect your employees and visitors this winter. Contact our staff of commercial mat experts today with any questions or inquiries.

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