Commercial Mats – Perfect for Many Uses!

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Commercial Mats – Perfect for Many Uses!

There’s a lot more to commercial kitchen and restaurant mats than just safety. Commercial mats provide comfort as well as health and hygiene benefits, not to mention they are an excellent marketing opportunity to demonstrate to customers that you are proud of your facility. Benefits such as anti-fatigue and antimicrobial qualities in our Comfort Flow and Cushion Station mats keep staff safe and comfortable, while logo mats ensure you make a good impression right from the get-go.

Comfort Flow Mats

Comfort Flow Mats

What are some top concerns for staff when working in a restaurant, bar, or other kitchen facility? The obvious ones are hazards such as slips and falls. Other factors not considered nearly enough are the health issues associated with being on your feet all day and the toll that takes on your body. To combat these and other challenges, our Comfort Flow mats are durable and ergonomic anti-fatigue mats perfect for kitchen, bar, and restaurant settings. In addition to protecting floor surfaces, they also provide durability and comfort to help with long days on your feet. Featuring a rubber nitrile backing, they offer exceptional grip that helps to prevent possible slips and falls, not to mention their perforations allow water and other materials to ‘flow’ through them rather than pooling on the surface. The result? Fewer slips, trips, and falls from wet floors or debris, easier clean-up, less susceptibility to saturation and stains, and a more comfortable experience overall.  

Cushion Station

One of the biggest offenders in any kitchen, bar, or restaurant facility is health related: pathogens. Those pesky pathogens (such as bacteria, viruses, mildews, molds, etc.) love to take up residency in floor mats. And that’s a big area where our Cushion Station mats come in handy. Perfect for both wet and dry environments from dishwashing stations to host stands to behind the bar, these mats are not only anti-fatigue, but also anti-microbial, anti-static, and resistant to nasty hazards like grease, oil, and other chemicals. Made with a nitrile rubber surface, they offer plenty of comfort and support.

Make A Positive Impression Right from the Start

Commercial logo mats at the entrances to your facility offer dual perks. First, a branded logo mat is an excellent source of marketing and provides a warm welcome to patrons and shows you take pride in your restaurant. Second, commercial mats give patrons a way to wipe their feet and avoid tracking dangerous pathogens, water, and mud into the restaurant, which helps prevent hazards like slips and falls and the spread of bacteria and germs.

We carry several different commercial mats perfect for this purpose:

Entrance/Branded Logo Commercial Mats

There are a couple of options for branded mats:

Classic Impressions HD Mats

Our Classic Impressions ™ HD Logo mats offer true photographic-quality images, with unlimited colors and more than 10 times the resolution of competitive mats. These mats are perfect for indoor areas with high traffic and feature a plush nylon carpet top and use Perma-Dye™ and StainStopper™ technologies.

ColorStar Impressions

Our ColorStar Impressions mats are all about detail and durability. Resistant to fading and stains, these commercial-grade mats are eco-friendly and offer distinct, sharp detail that captures even the most intricate logo designs.

CompuTuft Entrance Mats

Need a mat that washes well and doesn’t fade? Then CompuTuft™ Logo mats are for you! Their one-piece construction and use the exclusive MasterWeave™ process with Solution Dyed yarns produces a strong, yet light-weight product that lasts.

Contact us for help creating a space that is safe for your employees and customers and also makes a positive impression on everyone who walks in the door.

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