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There’s one goal shared by every business, no matter their location, size, or industry. Give up? There isn’t a business in the world that doesn’t want to SAVE MONEY. You’ve done the best you can, making smart choices about hiring, reining in spending, and cutting costs wherever possible. But there’s one small investment you can make that will save money and increase productivity at the same time.

The investment? Appropriate matting.

Not Your Industry? Think Again

The restaurant industry leads the way with over four million slip and fall accidents every year. But if you’re not running a restaurant, that’s not your problem, right? Wrong.

Let’s take a look at the numbers:


Amount of yearly Workers Compensation claims from slip and fall injuries.

31 Days

Nearly a quarter of all slip and fall injuries result in missing at least a month of work.

$70 Billion

Annual compensation and medical costs associated with employee slip and fall accidents.

What Else Can Shower Mats Do?

Perforated Rubber Shower Floor Mat

It doesn’t take a genius to understand how slip-resistant mats can help prevent injuries. But how else can they save money?

Cut Lost Productivity

Commercial shower mats are most often made with anti-microbial materials that fight mold and mildew and prevent the growth of bacteria that cause odors and disease. Fewer germs mean fewer sick days. That’s right, commercial shower mats simultaneously fight injury AND illness.

Cut Maintenance Costs 

By absorbing water and attracting dirt, shower mats add a layer of protection to every floor. Protection expands beyond the surface area of the mat, as they prevent tracking debris throughout your facility. This not only makes cleaning easier but cuts down on maintenance expenses by preserving the floor.

Types of Mats to Consider

It’s easy to find the right mat for the job. Let’s take a closer look at four different mats, how they help save money, and where they are most usefully deployed.

Wet Step Mat

Perhaps the most popular commercial mat, the Wet Step pulls double duty serving as an anti-fatigue mat while also preventing slips. Made of 100% Nitrile rubber, these mats will stand up to years of heavy use without deteriorating.

As the name implies, wet step mats are for frequently wet surfaces or places where people might be in bare feet. The Wet Step mat is popular because of its ubiquity in multiple industries, frequently found in the locker rooms, changing areas, or restrooms of places like:

  • Health Spas
  • College/University Dormitories
  • Gyms
  • Performing Arts Centers

Comfort Flow Mat

Comfort Flow mats are commercial grade shower mats that offer a comfortable, durable, and hygienic slip-resistant surface. Made from 100% waterproof material that is easy to clean, Comfort Flow mats feature an anti-fatigue design that makes it easier to stay on your feet. Best of all, the anti-microbial materials in the mat’s construction kill bacteria that cause unpleasant odors. Beveled edges and holes in the mat allow water to drain quickly and easily.

Cushion Station Mat

The Cushion Station Mat is primarily designed for anti-fatigue use. Nitrile rubber backing keeps this mat secured to the floor, anti-microbial material fights against the spread of germs and bacteria, all while providing support and comfort to:

  • Bartenders
  • Cashiers
  • Casino Dealers
  • Cooks
  • Teachers
  • Box Office/Coat Check Workers

Super Scrape Mat

man with brown shoes on mat

The Super Scrape mat is chemically resistant, making it a great choice for surfaces that are wet due to oil and grease, not just water. The thick cleats of this mat hold on to dirt, so that you don’t track anything inside with you. This unique combination makes super scrape mats the first choice for:

Mechanic/Oil Change Shops
Anywhere with a challenging floor

The Next Step

Pairing the right commercial shower mat with our Professional Cleaning Program puts the perfect finishing touch on your facility.

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