Health Mats: Providing Walkway Safety For Philadelphia Sports Teams & Venues

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Health Mats: Protecting Our Athletes And You At Every Event

Lincoln Financial Field

Eagles Lincoln Financial Field

Welcome to the home of the Super Bowl Champions and the pride of Philadelphia, the Eagles’ Lincoln Financial Field. Fans from all over the country come to watch the exciting games, and are always proud when the Birds win another touchdown. What happens off the field and behind the scenes is equally important. Health Mats takes a role in providing safe, anti-fatigue wet step shower mats to the locker rooms so that the Eagles players never take a misstep off the field.

Wet step mats are slip resistant and soft to walk on with bare feet. It was a noticeable difference in the locker rooms when we delivered the wet step mats and the guys knew they had something much better!

But we don’t stop there in the protection of our star athletes…

Nova Care Complex

The Philadelphia’s elite football players have to train consistently, and this is another time that injuries can happen. Not only do our mats protect players from slips in the Nova Care locker rooms, but we also ensure that the players are afforded a champion welcome they deserve as soon as they walk through the doors. No, not a red carpet. At the entrance of the NovaCare Center, bold Philadelphia Eagles logo mats, complete with the Eagles logo on them, greet every visitor and athlete with pride! We love that the Superbowl Champions walk over our plush mats every time they walk through those doors!

Eagles Autism Challenge

Eagles Autism Challenge

We don’t just love the Eagles because of their athletic skills, but because this is a team dedicated to raising awareness for autism in their community. This past May, Health Mats received a short notice call before the Eagles Autism Challenge asking for, not 1, not 10 or 20, but over 100 mats to be delivered. Like our favorite team, we are always up for a good challenge and rise to the occasion.

We delivered 110 6’ x15’ standard classic solutions walk off mats to the “The Linc” the day before the event. Health Mats came to the rescue in the nick of time! The day of the Autism Challenge, it rained without end, and walkers, runners, and cyclists were able to participate safely. Over 3,319 participants in the rain raised $2.5 million. Benefits: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Drexel University, Jefferson Health. Of course, we didn’t just supply mats. Health Mats Company sponsored the event and had a team of 15 people who together raised $6613 for the cause – and a few of us even walked in the rain with our umbrellas! We are looking forward to doing this event again in 2019.

NHL, NBA & Concerts The Wells Fargo Center

Wells Fargo Center

Another place we safeguard from slips and falls is the Wells Fargo Center, home arena of the Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League(NHL), the Philadelphia 76ers, and is active year round as a concert venue. Health Mats Company is an annual sponsor of the venue, working with NBC Sports and our poster can be seen near the Bistro (did you see it?)! We love going to a Flyers game or a concert and knowing that our mats are keeping the building clean, safe, and healthy! Health Mats delivers comfort flow mats to the Wells Fargo Center every week for the concession stands throughout the building.

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