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Health Mats Protects The Great City William Penn Would Be So Proud Of Today: Philadelphia.

History Smarts: Who Was PA’s Own William Penn?

London born, William Penn was an English Quaker who came to the New World to escape religious persecution in England. Once granted land to settle a colony, he created a haven where people were free to practice whatever faith they belonged to.

William Penn first called the province of land “Sylvania” which means “forests” or “woods”. It was to be “the seed of a nation” and England’s King Charles fittingly named it “Pennsylvania.”

The land was purchased from the Lenape Indians in a Peace Treaty. This was the beginning of a legacy that would define Pennsylvania as a destination for people seeking justice, freedom, peace, and brotherly love.

William Penn Statue

Penn’s Legacy: The Great City of Philadelphia

William Penn likely never imagined the pivotal role Philadelphia would play in the creation of the Free World, never mind the metropolis it would become nearly 300 years later.

With over 42 million visitors each year, this city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the continental United States. People come from all over to walk through the streets of the historic center, sightseeing the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall where a nation was born. They stroll through the streets admiring more murals than can be found in any other US city, often with a famous Cheesesteak in hand.

William Penn’s statue can be viewed at the top of City Hall where his gaze is aimed at Peace Treaty Park where it all began. Prior to 1987, developers adhered to an agreement that the statue remain the tallest point in Philadelphia.

Twenty years passed with no championship wins for any of the city’s professional sports teams. Then in 2007, Comcast Center became the city’s tallest building. Hoping to break the curse, ironworkers welded a miniature Billy Penn statue to the highest beam. In October 2008, the Philadelphia Phillies became World Series Champions!!

The City Of Brotherly Love, where religious freedom was first granted, has a token of another milestone for civilization: a Moon Tree from NASA. A seed that reached the lunar surface on Apollo 14 is planted in Washington Square Park.

This truly is a city that brings together everyone and everything from the corners of the world and the reaches of the stars.

Health Mats Serves Philadelphia To Protect People & Businesses

Here at Health Mats, we are so proud to serve this incredible city that stands as a testimony of passion, vision, and innovation. We keep its residents and their businesses safe with our industrial commercial floor mats. Throughout Philadelphia, and Pennsylvania as well, these mats preserve the bodily health of individuals, protecting them from slips and falls. We even support their branding and company promotion by printing high-definition custom logo entrance mats.

If William Penn were here today, we’d be sure to shake his hand and say, “Thank you for building this city of love and acceptance. We’ll be sure to take the best care of it for you.”

Philadelphia welcomes visitors from all over the world, and Health Mats Company provides the mats that invite people to explore and appreciate the history of Philadelphia. With mats delivered to educational and healthcare campuses to retail, museums, and professional sports organizations, we’ve been the first line of Philly defense for the past 50 years every step of the way.

Are you a business owner in Philadelphia?

Contact Health Mats for mats that will help greet your customers and make a lasting impression.

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