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Health Mats is one of the largest providers of mat rentals in the Greater Philadelphia area. We offer a full range of entrance floor mats, logo floor mats, anti-fatigue floor mats, scraper mats, as well as, facilities products such as, dust mops, wet mops, hygiene, and restroom products.

Health Mats Company stands out above the rest by being one of the largest independent owned Floor Mat Companies in the Tri-State area.

Health Mats Company differentiates itself from the competition by being a specialist in the industry. The company does this by constantly re-evaluating customers needs and by providing comprehensive ongoing service and follow-up to the corporate customer. Specifically, we do not do uniforms. We specialize in mat services and mat products. Most of our competitors cannot provide industrial large sized heavy-duty mats, such as 6x10s, 6x12s, 6x15s and 6x20s.

In addition, we have embraced technology to increase our efficiencies and reduce costs, resulting in the finest service operation in our market.

We have designed this web site so visitors can easily find what they seek. If your interest is in implementing a rental mat program designed to meet your needs, visit the rental services page.

If your interest is in any type of floor mat ever manufactured or laid upon a floor, or would like to speak with one of our floor mat specialists visit us on our contact page. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the products, services, and solutions we offer and answer any questions you might have.

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