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Health Mats Walkway Safety Solutions

It’s no secret the world is changing before our eyes. Your business must adapt and implement new frameworks for preventing the spread of germs in your building!
Here is a catalog of new mats that will help with the new norm!
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Health Mats proudly works with commercial properties throughout the region to provide quality floor mats, exceptional service, and a commitment to making a difference throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland.

We deliver floor mats, including entrance mats, walk-off mats, logo mats, scraper mats for outside your commercial building, business office, or, educational facility. We deliver anti-fatigue mats for restaurants, commercial kitchens, and the wet step shower mat for the wet areas of shower rooms, pharmacies, hospitals and healthcare facilities, laboratories, and locker rooms.

For 50 years, Health Mats Company has specialized in mat rental, mop rental, and hygiene services. In addition to our great walkway safety and facility services, Health Mats wants to talk with our customers about being clean, safe, and healthy!

We welcome the opportunity to discuss special projects, multiple properties, products, services, and solutions. For new or existing customers, please visit us on our contact page.

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Rental vs Purchasing

Experience the Health Mats Company difference. We rent, sell, and can lease mats for commercial properties.

Keeping You Safe

Commercial mats often come with slip-resistant surfaces that prevent accidents. You can reduce injuries and lawsuits through the use of our mats.

The Dirty Facts

Dirt tracked into a building can have an impact on facility maintenance. Commercial mats can reduce the amount of dirt within a facility.

Safety is our number one concern.

What can we do for you?

We offer a full range of the following products & services:

Facilities Products

• Dust Mops
• Wet Mops
• Hygiene
• Restroom Products

Facility safety is our top priority.

What can we do for you?

We offer a full range of the following products & services: