The Wet Step Mat

Features & Benefits

The Wet Step is an anti-fatigue mat that can serve many purposes. Along with its ability to comfort tired muscles, this mat can also be utilized for wet applications. The holes provide an easy way for water to drain, making the mats perfect to use in wet areas. They are made from 100 percent Nitrile rubber, which ensures comfort and prevents degradation. The Wet Step includes many benefits, features and can be utilized in many different industries.

  • 100 percent Nitrile rubber
  • Available in blue or grey
  • Sizes: 2×3, 3×5, 3×10
  • Custom ordering available
  • Can be ordered from 3′ widths in 1′ increments from 2 ft. – 20 ft.

The dirty truth is that extensive exposure to water, moisture, and humid environments can cause build up of germs, bacteria, and mold. A professional mat rental and cleaning service eliminates this from occurring. Click below to learn more.