Shining the Spotlight on Dennis Porch: Service Manager

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At Health Mats, we truly believe that the core of our success starts with the hearts of our team members. If it weren’t for our passionate and experienced professionals, Health Mats wouldn’t be where it is today. A key member and longtime employee of our team is Dennis Porch. Dennis started working at Health Mats 20 years ago and has been loyally dedicated ever since. Below you will discover what a typical day at work for Dennis looks like as well as a glimpse into his life once he leaves the office.

A Typical Day in the Office

Dennis serves as our Service Manager so that means he wears many different hats. His expertise includes anything from sales, service, safety, production, renewals, and business development. Dennis is known for being able to create complex matting proposals that are customized for any commercial facility. In doing so, he is able to evaluate the safety of your facility and ensure your walkways are protected from customer and employee injuries. He’s also involved in developing existing accounts with our regional clients to ensure their needs are always being met. One thing Dennis loves about his typical work day is that sometimes there’s nothing typical about them. He admits that his days range anywhere from super smooth to chaotic. That’s okay though because according to Dennis… he loves the chaos!

He is Dedicated to Safety

In February of this year, Dennis received the 2016 Contractor Safety Excellence Award. This award was given to recognize the outstanding safety, health and environmental performances at the DuPont Facility Services and Real Estate Safety Meeting. In order to qualify for this award, Dennis prepared a safety plan that outlines how Health Mats operates onsite, he submitted quarterly safety audits and had perfect attendance at DuPont safety meetings. His dedication to walkway safety and his ability to go above and beyond is just one of the many reasons why we are proud to have Dennis be part of the Health Mats team.

The Health Mats Advantage

Since he’s worked in the industry for many years, Dennis has come to recognize the advantages that Health Mats has to offer. A lot of the employees working at Health Mats have been with us from the beginning. Many others have 15 years of experience or more working at our company. Due to this, Dennis’ favorite part about working at Health Mats has been the co-workers he gets to work besides, collaborate with and see every day. Dennis also loves working in this industry because of his opportunities to talk to people and help them solve problems. He says Health Mats is a unique business because there isn’t another matting company quite like us. Since we have 26 different commercial mat sizes in stock, it’s easy to adapt to customer needs. He also likes being able to show how any commercial business with foot traffic can benefit from a mat rental program.

Life Outside of Work

When Dennis isn’t busy working, he loves spending time outside. On his days off you can find him gardening and enjoying quality time with his family. Dennis is married and has two daughters, ages 23 and 17. One of his favorite things about living where he does is being in the country and not the city. He loves being able to relax thanks to the peace and quiet that surrounds him. It also leaves him plenty of room to dabble in one of his true passions which is soccer. A lifelong dream of his is to be able to retire by the time he’s 60. This will leave him plenty of time to discover new places that he’s always wanted to go. Ever since he was a little kid, Dennis’ father, Donald, would say to him “a man’s word is everything and a handshake is even more important.” We at Health Mats like to think that this is just one of the many reasons why Dennis has remained a valued and trusted member of our team for so many years.

If you need to get in touch with Dennis, you can reach him at [email protected] or contact Health Mats today!

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