Show You Care, Do Your Share: Go Green with Commercial Mats

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Going green is quickly becoming not just the norm, but the expectation. The good news is, it’s easier than ever these days. And it doesn’t have to be cost-intensive. In fact, not only are there plenty of cost-effective ways to be eco-friendly, going green is actually good for your bottom line. It shows customers and clients that you care, boosting your brand’s reputation and improving your employee and customer experience. 

Stop the Spread of Bacteria and Other Pathogens 

Environmentally-friendly is not just about reducing waste. It’s also about minimizing the spread of pathogens. For better or for worse, we’ve seen firsthand how quickly and easily some pathogens can proliferate. Creating a healthy environment in your workplace reduces employee illness and prevents environmentally hazardous bacteria from developing and spreading to your customers and beyond. Adding anti-microbial mats throughout your facility reduces the possibility of tracking in and spreading pathogens.  

Improve Indoor Air Quality 

eco-friendly tree and atmosphere

Did you know including commercial floor mats in and around your facility can actually improve air quality? Commercial mats are an excellent line of defense against the introduced pollution and pathogens that hitch a ride on shoes and into buildings.  

Comfort Flow Mats 

overview of the kitchen at a restaurant,

Comfort Flow Mats, for example, are anti-static and anti-microbial, which means sickness-inducing pathogens like pollen and bacteria won’t be sticking to them. These mats are ideal for the food service industry and commercial kitchens because they also allow water to drain through them, minimizing any chance that mildew and mold will grow.  

Cushion Station Mats 

The Cushion Station Mat at work in a Hospital

Also great for the environment and your employees are Cushion Station Mats. These anti-fatigue, anti-microbial mats are treated to withstand grease, oils, and chemicals, preventing pollutants from taking hold and releasing more problematic side effects such as fumes into the air. 

Reduce Waste  

The first step in the well-known recycling triangle is reduce, but often people skip over that part and go right to recycle. Well, with commercial mats, you can do both. Prolonging the life of your mats is an excellent way to reduce waste, as is renting mats in situations where it makes sense to do so. 

Mat Cleaning 

Janitorial service. Professional vacuum cleaning at the office

By properly caring for your commercial floormats, you increase their longevity, which means less waste AND less money out of your pocket. Professional cleaning services greatly extend the life of your mats and minimize the need to buy new ones. They also ensure your mats remain sanitary and aren’t the root cause of any pathogens, whether introduced (like viruses) or home-grown (like mold, mildew, and bacteria). It’s a win-win.  

Mat Rental 

Renting floor mats is a wonderful way to reduce your carbon footprint. Not only is renting a way to reduce upfront costs, but it also keeps your facility up to snuff when it comes to health and safety AND provides good overall customer and employee satisfaction. Plus, if, say, your facility space or needs change, you can swap mat sizes and locations easily and effortlessly.  

Ready to green your workplace? Contact us and we’ll help you create a work environment is also environmentally friendly. 

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